“Do You Remember? With Your White Dress On…”

Oh the wedding! Hands down, still the best day of my life. Will and I wanted to make this a wallet friendly wedding and still be able to have a guest list of over 250 people. Which is pretty impossible for a Charleston wedding in the spring. But we somehow made it happen. We set our budget for $20,000 (again, pretty impossible for a Charleston wedding…in spring…with 266 people invited) but we only went over by a $100 dollars or so! I remember hearing people tell me, “oh you will be so glad when the wedding is over” or “Oh, don’t you just hate wedding planning?” And to those people I say, “Are you serious?!” Planning our wedding was the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on 😉 Yes there was some stress involved. Sure I wanted to choke some people from time to time. But I was so sad when it was over. And I would do it again in a heart beat if I could. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Not even the groom 🙂

And now you might be asking, “Ok Plish, how did you make this large ass wedding close to budget?” And to answer this question, I will give you three letters…. D…I….Y. We did EVERYTHING ourselves. We would of married ourselves if we could of (but lucky for us, Will’s mother’s cousin is an Episcopalian minister so we had that taken care of). But the wedding arbor, the invitations, the save-the-dates, the party favors, the center pieces, the photo booth, the bridesmaids bouquets, and the photo booth props were all made my either Will, myself, or someone from the wedding party. The wedding cake was a gift from the fabulous Jim Smeal and Alejandro González, who are close friends of the family. Will’s aunt Neva made the groom and all the groomsmen grey seersucker ties. Which matched perfectly to the ring bearer’s cute seersucker bow tie, which I had custom made on Etsy to be in grey to match the men!  The CDs were burned by moi’ and the CD covers were printed on cardstock at home. We had a wine and cheese night, were Will’s sisters and two of my girlfriends came over and we slaved away cutting and gluing them, but it was really fun!


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