“Baby all I want for Christmas is you”

Happy Holidays from the Browns, party of two + two furry friends. I was so excited to take this photo. All I have ever wanted was a cute little family to take cute little photos with. And look at me now!  I told Will this photo would be titled “The Year Priscilla had Bangs.” (See here for last years Christmas photo, sans bangs). I was going for a Zoey Deshanel meets Taylor Swift (circa the day she took the Red album cover). However the only comparison I have gotten it that I look like my mother. While that is fine, my mother has nice bangs, being compared to my 60 year old mother is not the same as being compared to a 22 year old musician. None the less, the bangs are here for now. And I was so excited to be wearing my beautiful red Holiday Erin Fetherston dress that I fell in love with on Pinterest and bought the next day, however my cute puppy stole most of the spot light in this photo. Sigh. But oh how I love him so.

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