” I said I think I’ll Go to Boston”

So what are the odds that my only friend who is Russian AND lives in Boston would decide to have her wedding festivities the same week that a supposed Russian terrorist was on the lose in Boston? These kinds of things only happen to me. Out of the 400 places on our bucket list of places to go, we might never make it to Boston again. And the one time…the ONE time…that we have a reason to go to Boston, our trip almost gets cancelled because a “bad guy” (Will gives me that look like “oh your so precious” whenever I call them bad guys but seriously, that’s what they are), but because a bad guy decides to set off two bombs on Boston during the annual Boston Marathon. But we did not let the terrorist win. Oh no my friend, we did not let fear stop us from our trip. And I am glad we went.

Overall it was a nice trip. See our trip review on Fodors for what all we did, the hotel, and places we visited.

Our first two days were amazing and I learned that traveling with just Will and I is an incredible experience. We both know when to go and when to crash. With our long ass legs we can cover a lot of ground on foot, we are both not picky with food and can eat anything from 5 star steak dinner to a falafel off the back of food truck, and because I usually pick out my outfits the night before, it takes us a combined 7 minutes from the time we wake up til the time it takes to walk out of the door. However on the flip side, traveling with more than just Will….oh lets say…with a group of 7 friends, during a city wide lock down, when there is an unprepared bride panicking about everything under the sun….well that can be just a tad bit stressful. And for anyone who has ever read a book on trying to get pregnant, not getting stressed out is Rule #1. So Will and I came up with code words <insert bad Boston accents>: fuckin chowda,’ lobsta’ and fuckin cah. We pre-planned to use these words/expressions with each other anytime things got stressful between the bride and our group of 7 friends. Needless to say, the whole group was using the code words by the end of the trip! But what fun would a vacation be without a little stress.

So overall, our trip to Boston was a success.  But what I was most impressed about this trip was how even in the mess of tragedy and mixed emotions, a city full of Bostonians could be so warm, friendly, and inviting. Four times we were standing on the street holding out a map and someone approached us, independently offering their help. Even with the Boston marathon bombing, the man hunt, and the eventual city wide lock down on Friday, the streets actually felt very safe due to the number of police on every corner, who were also all very friendly and helpful. Maybe we will go back one day, maybe we won’t. But in 10 years from now when we look back on this event in history, it will be interesting to say that we were there when it all happened.


Will and I in Boston Public Gardens on our second day of the trip.

Blog Title Song:  Augustana- Boston

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