“Cause Without You Things Go Hazy”

Today is July 1, 2013, Exactly 3 years ago Will was picking me up for our first date. This morning, I told him thank you for having the courage to ask me out on a date. His reply was, “Thanks for saying yes.” Its hard to think that I have been existing for 31 years but Will has only been a part of my existence for three of those years. 3 out of 31. Thats it. And now I don’t know how life would be without him. Every trip to the grocery store, I am thinking about what I could buy to surprise him. Every drive down the connector, the smell of pluff mud makes me think of him. The moment I get to my desk at work, I check my email knowing there will be a good morning message waiting in my inbox. And every time something happens to me that makes “my duckies get out of order,” I pick up the phone and call him. Because he will know what to say. It’s true. He always knows just what to say. I don’t know how to breathe without him. I usually have some sort of insightful marriage lesson to go along with each blog post. But today I am just happy with the now. Happy that out of my 31 years on Earth thus far, I was lucky enough to have him in it. And to think that if anything had been different. Had I decided to stay in New Jersey and not move to Charleston. Or had I not gone to that wedding the night I met Will. Things might be so different right now. I am constantly reminded that every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. And when his big truck came rolling down the driveway 3 years ago to pick me up, I think a little part of me knew that things were about to make a big turn.

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