A Clemson Inspired Maxi skirt

This week I completed my first maxi skirt. Maxi skirts were very popular this past spring and summer. And now as we go into the fall, I was interested in making one that I could wear at an all day football tailgate. So lucky for me, my favorite fabric store, Five Eighth Seams was having a sale on orange jersey knit fabric. I used the Kwik Sew Skirt pattern. I had heard that the Kwik Sew patterns were since great for a newbie like myself. And it was! It took me less than 2 hour from start to finish. What I didn’t like about this pattern is that is is made to be more of a calf length versus an ankle length skirt. So when I traced my pattern I added an extra 6 inches to the bottom. I think overall it turned out really well. I ended up serging the bottom of the skirt versus hemming it. I thought it gave it more of a “sports jersey” look to it. Or maybe that was wishful thinking and really I was just too lazy to hem. hmmm. Either way, I’m looking forward to wearing my skirt and watching the Clemson Tigers kick some booty.


Pattern: Kwik Sew K3513. Fabric: solid orange jersey knit from Five Eighth Seams. Tank Top: Mossimo from Target

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