“I’ve Got That Summertime Sadness”

Holy moly, me oh my. Where has the summer gone? So sad that it is over. Will and I jumped full speed into our second year of marriage, which has proven to be harder than year one. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun summer. There was lots of sex ;), we celebrated more engagement parties and weddings then we can count, we were blessed with the arrival of our newest family member, Charlie the black lab puppy, and we had an amazing road trip to through the Pacific Northwest. On paper, you might be thinking this sounds like a worry free, low anxiety, super duper fun filled adventure.  And yes you would be partially correct.  And I’m not complaining. I am definitely blessed beyond belief. But while there was lots of time spent under the sheets (and on top of the washing machine…don’t judge,  we’re married!), my husband and I continued to struggle with not getting pregnant.  And with all the engagement parties and wedding gifts we bought AND new outfits for all the weddings, my credit card bill was piling up, leading to just a few arguments about money management. Which then led to a day long discussion on the meaning of life, materialism, Micheal Kors handbags, and feeding the starving children in Africa. You see where we were going with this. So we decided after the summer to be better with our finances.

Then there is Charlie who is amazing and we have no regrets about bringing him home. However lets just call June “Doggy Diarrhea Month” and leave it at that. In July we conquered Seattle, Washington Peninsula including Olympic National Park, the Oregon coast, the California Redwoods, Crater Lake National Park, and Portland Oregon. What an adventure. I could blog about that for days.   I learned a lot about patience while traveling on vacation with your husband. Oh man I could write a book about that. I am a very go-go-go person. I lived and worked in Manhattan, I come from a large loud Italian family, and I move at the speed of a fire fighter racing to a fire. Will on the other hand comes from a slow paced background. His family vacations growing up involved a lot of sitting around and floating around a lake. So as the ever planner in the family I planned a packed trip with lots to do and little time to do it. But I had to learn to slow it down.  That Will needs his coffee daily and to use the bathroom every hour on the regular. And that it’s about the journey. Quality of the trip not quantity. And that the best moments where the ones not on the itinerary.

This is Will and I after we climbed the top of Hurricane Ridge. Mt Olympus in the background.


Wedding number 1 out of 10 for this wedding season. Again here I am in my Erin Fetherstone dress that I have blogged about in the past. I swear I own more dresses than just this one but it is my favorite for this year! And Will is wearing the seer sucker tie from our wedding day.


Our puppy Charlie when he was small enough to fit into a purse. Probably the only dog who has ever been inside an Oscar de la Renta handbag. He is now 35 pounds and I don’t allow him near any of my accessories.  But don’t you just melt over those blue eyes. PS- this was during the “Phasing out of the Bangs” Another highlight of Summer 2013


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