The Everyday Tunic

love love love the Everyday Tunic by Sew What you Love. When it comes to doing a sewing project, my least favorite part is always tracing and cutting out my patterns. Maybe it’s because I am so excited about getting started with the sewing. Maybe its because I cut crooked. Who knows. But with this pattern, you only have two large pieces to cut out. Thats it! Only two! Once again this pattern uses knit fabric. I hear a lot of grief about sewing with knits from some of my other friends, but love sewing with knits. The more stretchy the knit, the more I can be lazy with my seam allowances (I know that’s bad advice but its true). But seriously I love working with knits. This particular knit is somewhat see through so I wore a light colored cami underneath and it looked great. I also threw it over my sports bra on the way to yoga and had some sweet comments from my fellow yogis. I did also try this same pattern using a woven cotton and it didn’t fit because it didn’t have that stretch on the arms like knits do. I ended up taking it apart and making a scrub top out of the fabric so it wouldn’t go to waste (photo of that to follow soon). This tunic is so easy and so fun to make, I am going to make a few more as gifts for Christmas!


Pattern: The Everyday Tunic from Sew What You Love
Pants: Lucky black denim
Boots: Mossimo black combat boots from Target
Large Thighs with complimentary child bearing hips: you can’t buy this. it comes with age 🙂

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