Infinity Scarf for Days

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas! I love having family to see and food to eat. However I have never been good at coming up with presents. I am well known for doing things at the last moment. Like driving to Piggly Wiggly and buying gift cards for everyone on Christmas Eve. But this year I decided to get started early with my sewing and come up with something personalized to give to my family members.  Then I heard that my local sewing store was having a “ladies night” focused on making infinity scarfs (or is it spelled scarves?). Either way I was sold! I was able to use wine to bribe some of my “what-the-heck’s-a-bobbin” friends to join me for a night of food, drinks, laughter, and of course sewing. The result was about 8 infinity scarfs that I made for my mother, cousins, sister, secret santa, and even 2 for myself 🙂

20140126-230917.jpgThe Girls at “Ladies Night” modeling are new infinity scarves.

IMG_8612In an attempt to get a group shot for the whole family, Leo the cat and I model our new scarves.



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