“Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

Ok so its not really that cold. In fact yes Charleston at Christmas time is about 70 degrees. Not too shabby. This year our annual Brown family Christmas photo was nearly impossible to take. We took about 75 “takes” over two days of trying. Why was it so hard you ask? Well this year we had a new furry member of our family joining the crew. And it was nearly impossible to get him to focus on the camera. Or to stop biting the cat. Or to stop licking my scarf. We had some good laughs and finally got a somewhat reasonable photo for our “end of the year pic”.  A picture to summarize the year 2013. The year that went by right before our eyes. The year we explored the Pacific Northwest and traveled to 9 different states. The year we built a back deck and painted a carpet. The year we I learned how to sew and Will hung new gutters on our home. We did lots of fishing, lots of yoga. I got bangs and then grew them out. And when life gave us bumps in the road we found laughter in our tears, knowing that we are too blessed to ever be stressed.

IMG_8674 IMG_8663 IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8671

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