African Dancing Pants

Today I embarked on my first pair of pants. Before you get all “wow you made pants” you should know that there were no zippers , no buttons, no frills or lace. Only 2 yards of knit fabric, thread, and my trusty machine. I used another Kwik Sew pattern and the directions were super easy to follow. Well super easy after I googled what “yoke” meant…it has nothing to do with eggs by the way. The pants were a little shorter so if I ever did it again, I would have to extend the length a little, like I did with my maxi skirt. Why do I always forget that I am tall?! In the end I love them. I think they will be great as summer time pant with my flip flops, lounging around the house pants with my slippers, or barefooted pants on my way to yoga class. My sister just laughed and said they don’t look like any of those. They look like African dancing pants. Well you know what, any thing with the word dancing in it can’t be bad, so I’ll take it! 🙂


Pattern: Kwik Sew K3384. Fabric: ? Stretch knit from Five Eighth Seams. Top: Lululemon sports top.

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