How to Make a Mumu Look Sexy

So I have this short sleeve blouse in my closet from Anthropologie that I just adore. I love the print, I love the small  sleeves, and I love the feel of the silk. However it does borderline looking like a maternity shirt or as Will calls it: a “mumu.” Which is totally fine. In fact one of my favorite online boutiques is named Show Me Your Mumu and they have the most adorable re-invented mumu-esque tunics, tops, and slip dresses. But this top in my closet was just not right. It definitely had that maternity shirt vibe going on. And when my entire family, close friends, and now my followers on this blog-o-sphere know that I am trying to get pregnant, the last thing I want is to show up in a shirt that might give an “ask me if I am pregnant” opportunity. So alas I decided to whip out my sewing machine (and by whip out, I mean move the stack of fabric samples, old chocolate wrappers, and one large cat off of my sewing table) and fix up this top. I decided to take it in on the sides because the back has some pleating I didnt want to mess with. Also there were two large pockets on the front that I removed all together… I know…gasp for dear life….who removes pockets!! I am usually adding pockets. But the way they were positioned on my hips they  looked more like saddle bags. So they had to go. The overall result fits great and it took me less than 15 minutes to complete this “transformation” from a mumu to a sexy tunic.


Arrow Necklace: Word Market.  Jeggings (not shown) from Macy’s

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