An Anthropologie Inspired Pencil Skirt

I have always been enchanted by some of the dresses, tops, and skirts that I have seen at Anthroplogie. However my wallet seems to have a different opinion when it comes to that particular store. For example, a beautiful pencil skirt I saw recently saw in the winter catalog, was listed for $98. Hmmm. Not bad. I will save up for it. So I did, and then when I went to the store, it was sold out.  Well gee whiz. Ok, on to plan B.   I will attempt to make my own.  And I am so glad it was sold out in stores! I had so much fun with this project. And it encouraged me to branch and out do more “inspired” pieces then simply making a patterned piece. I did have to use a basic pencil skirt pattern just to get an idea of fit (com’on I’m not a superstar. I can’t do it all.) I had planned to use one of the free Burda Style patterns but instead I ended up “splurging” and buying the Burda Style  Jenny Basic Skirt for $7.50.  With this I was able to get the shape of the pencil skirt. I cut it out for a size 10 only because I was worried about my thunder thighs needing the extra space. But since the skirt is so high waist and my waist falls between and 4 and a 6, I ended up taking it in quite a bit. But if you follow this blog you will know, I have never been that great with fitting garments, hence my prefernce for knits. But anyway, moving on, the skirt took me a few days..err…a few weeks to finish. I had to match each fabic so my side panels matched up along the seams, add lining, put in an invisible zipper, hem a slit in the back, and finally do a “stich in the ditch” to secure the inside of the waist band to the lining. Whew. But totally worth it. I learned a lot and in the end I have a skirt that I am really proud of. I plan to wear it with boots later in the winter and then in the spring pair it with sandals or pumps.

before after photo 2 standing

photo 1

Blouse: Old Navy silk blouse (very old)

Skirt:  my creation, used Burda Style Jenny Skirt pattern#6058

Fabric: Joel Dewberry, Anna Marie Horner all from Five Eighth Seams

Necklace: long gold leaf pendant from World Market. short gold feather from Will’s grandmother.

boots: Mossimo Supply Co. Kamari Tall Buckle Boots (found these early in the season, mid September so they are sold out on line. Attached are the black boots)

nude pumps: Nine West

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