“That Was the Moment I Knew”

What was the moment that you knew? I got asked that a lot when I was planning my wedding. The wedding planner, the ladies at the bridal shop, even the caterer. And you know, I never had an exact moment that I knew Will was the one. Maybe I just woke up one day and knew. Will says he knew the moment he met me. That could just be a line. But it’s sweet that he insists on it. Now for me, when it comes to ending a relationship, I have always known the moment when it was definitely over. For example, there was this time I went on a date with a guy to his college’s winter party. I got all dressed up and curled my hair. We danced all night and had a blast. Then as the night rolled to the end, we went outside, he hailed a cab, put me in it, handed me a $20, and said “Hope you don’t mind, I’m going home with THAT girl over there,” as he winked and pointed to a short little blonde. Yep that was the moment I knew that that relationship had just hit its expiration date. Then there was another moment. I always knew that me and my ex boyfriend were headed to Splitsville on the day of my good friend Amanda’s father’s funeral. My boyfriend at the time refused to come to the funeral even though I told him it would really mean a lot to me. He said “he was tired.” Oh and did I mention the funeral was on Valentines Day? So I went alone and spent that Valentines day driving home from a funeral alone and crying. I alway knew in that moment that that was the end. But of course it took many more months for a break up to happen.

But that was then and this is now. Fast forward to just this past Thursday. I traveled to Greensboro NC for yet another funeral, this time the funeral of my very good friend Nicole’s brother. I feel so sad for Nicole. My heart is truly breaking for hers and I knew that I wanted to be there to comfort her and support her and her family during this hard times. The loss of a sibling you are so close to is something I can’t even imagine going through. So no matter what, I was going to be at that funeral for her. Even though it was in the middle of the work week. Even though the south is currently having the worst ice/snow storm in years and travel is not the safest. Even though we have a crazy puppy at home who does not make it easy to obtain doggy sitters for the day. I was going to that funeral. Because that’s what friends do. But you know what. So was Will. Without hesistation. Without complaining. Without having to ask twice. Because that’s what he does. He drove me in his big GMC truck through the snow. Held my hand as I sobbed throughout Nicole’s beautiful eulogy. Hugged and shook hands with people he had never met. And then woke up at 6am to drive my ass back to Charleston so I could get back to work. It made it so much easier being there for Nicole knowing that Will was there for me. And there for Nicole. He was my rock. Just like he always is. And when we’re in a hard place, we always need a rock, don’t we? A rock in a hard place? Hmmmmmm I totally messed up that expression. But you get my point.

The point is, it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember when you first knew that he was the one. What’s important is that whatever it was that made you fall in love with him, shines on and on as the years go by. And the years will go by fast. So find time today to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you. And do it everyday. Until you’re red in the face.

Until next time, I will let you ponder what Legolas the dog is doing in this photo 🙂


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