“What Does the Fox Say?”

Some time in December, I decided to stock up on fabric when my favorite local fabric store Five Eighth Seams was having their holiday “12 Days of Christmas sale”. When I got home, I looked over at the two yards of teal colored chevron knit, thinking to myself, what the heck am I going to make with all this chevron?! I may have gotten a little over zealous. So I made an infinity scarf. That took about 8 minutes and only 3/8th of a yard. But then, I remembered that a co- worker had some fabric she was wanting to trade off to someone else.  She was more then excited to get her hands on the chevron. She has a petite frame and her hips will look beautfiul in a chevron maxi skirt. And in exchange, I was given 2 yards of foxes. Welcome little orange foxes into my life! I love Love LOVE this print!  It is from Girl Charlee, who also designed the “Fawn” knit that I am wearing here. Looking at the two prints side by side you would think I was making an animal themed quilt for a young child. If by young child you mean a 31 year old and if by quilt if you mean a size medium shirt…then yes you wold be correct! I thought the Fox print was so fun and whimsical and since Will and his sisters haven’t stopped singing “What Does the Fox Say” since around September, I thought this would give everyone something to smile about.  So I whipped out the old Everyday Tunic pattern (remember this one?) and got to work! I made a few adjustments this time. Since this knit was not as stretchy as the knit I used my first go-round, I adjusted the size by a 1/2 inch all around. Making it more of an “in between a small-medium” size.  I followed the rest of the pattern directions and it turned out great! This tunic is so easy to make and so fun to wear. I love that it is tight on the waist but loose under the arms, kinda like a Dolman sleeve (thanks to my gal Nicole for the lingo). I think it gives it a casual vibe but without letting it look too much like a mu-mu. And who doesn’t love a shirt that can not only strike up a conversation but also lead into singing and dancing to what might have been the worst song of 2013! 

In case you were lucky unfortunate enough to miss out on the reference, here is the song I was referring to… Ylivs- The Fox

Paired with skinny jeans and boots on the way to a Superbowl party. fox shirt

I thought that doing “touchdown” arms and jumping off the landscape timbers was a good idea. Hmm. Fail. arms up

That big guy photobombing my selfie is my husband. And don’t you just love my Tiffany Blue front door all dressed up for Valentines day?

me and W

One last photo of the night.  Paired up with  a sports bra because in my mind doing yoga made more sense then watching football.

photo (2)

2 thoughts on ““What Does the Fox Say?”

  1. Ok, so I just found your blog through the Debbie Brook Patterns FB page and I love this top! I’m inspired to make myself a top out of that fabric (even though that’s not the first thing that would’ve occurred to me). I’m definitely making a shirt for my little brother because he is obsessed with that song. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


    1. Hi! I am so glad you it! I have had so much fun with that top. Out of all the things I have made, that one has been worn the most and people always bring up the song! Girl Charlee fabrics just released this same fox print but in a lighter blue for the spring/summer. I don’t think Five Eighth Seams has it yet but you could look online. That knit is so great you could make your brother fox pajama bottoms, fox shirts, fox scarfs… the options are endless!


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