“Oops I Did it Again”

Yes that’s right I did it again. I gave myself bangs. I don’t know why I did it. Bad hair day? Proximity to my sewing scissors? Who knows.  The problem is that bangs are cute for only a second and then they make you feel like this…20140211-230705.jpg

It happened. Let just get over it and move on.

But it addition to giving myself bangs, I again decided to embark on something else again this month. I made another My Dress from Debbie Brooke Designs! I made it back in December, as seen here, but was feeling frisky and decided to make another one.  This time I decided to go with the same print throughout the entire dress. I choose a beautiful linen that I had my eye on at Five Eighth Seams and I might add that this was my first time ever using linen. All I can say about that is gee whiz you better keep your iron hot and ready at all times because it wrinkles fast!

I guess my third “Oops I did it again” confession this month is about the length of the dress.  While cutting out the fabric, I tried really really hard to make sure I lined up all the lines and squares of the print so that it would flow well together and look almost like a built in empire belt. I should of planned ahead when I cut my fabric, but I didn’t because I like to live dangerously. So when I went to add the skirt part of the dress to the bodice, I had to move it up about an inch, thus losing an inch off the bottom. So yes, oops I did it again and made a modest looking dress become borderline slutty.  And yes I do like to show some leg from time to time, but I promise this time it was unintentional.  But still I think it turned out great. It will be a fun dress to wear around this summer.

Mydress5Pictures taken at Old Wide Awake Plantation.

MydressMy legs are so pale they are blending in with the garage door. I am so over winter.



Pattern: The My Dress by Debbie Brooke Designs available soon online and in stores.

Fabric: Hapi by Amy Butler

Boots: Aldo circa 2011. Similar ones seen here.

Necklace: from With Your Heart Jewlery

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!! Here’s to hoping I can’t fit into this dress this summer 😉

xxoo Priscilla

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