Baby Love, oh Baby Love


I am so excited for this blog post for two reasons. One, that I get to share tons of photos of the most adorable baby girl in town. And two, because I can now add children’s clothes to my sewing resume. When my friend Brooke of Debbie Brooke Designs asked me to test out her new pattern, The Fabiana Peplum, I immediately had a muse in mind. Little Vivienne is the daughter of our friends Nicole and Jon and she is just too beautiful for words. She is always so happy and smiles without being prompted.  She would turn and give us a look over her shoulder like a true diva. This baby has modeling potential in her future and she is only 8 months old!  I could talk on and on about Vivienne and her adorable family but lets move on.

The pattern. I love love love it! The ruffle is made up of a top and a bottom piece with a layer of interfacing in between. The interfacing allows it to stand on its own and looks amazing when Vivienne was crawling or standing. The invisible zipper along the center of the racer back was a little tricky for me. Maybe because it’s only my third time adding a zipper but mostly because I am a whack-a-doodle who doesn’t know my right from my left. And sewing while watching Breaking Bad can get very confusing. And depressing for that matter (such a depressing show). But anyways, I had to take out the zipper and re-do it but I finally figured it out. Overall this was an easy project. It only cost $18 for the fabric, the interfacing, the zipper, and the lining (I already had thread). That is a hell of a steal! My big adult projects have never been that cheap. Sigh…tall girl problems.  Also, with the help of Will taking the reigns on dinner and doing the dishes, I was able to complete this project in just two evenings. “But Will I have to keep sewing, I’m on a roll”…..Works like a charm. Bets on how long that will last??  Until then, I am looking forward to making a few more Fabiana Peplums AND looking forward to Debbie Brooke Designs’s next adult pattern!

20140223-161441.jpgMy favorite of all the photos! Vivienne looks so adorable on the little rocking lamb.

20140223-161501.jpgHer smile is contagious. We decided to pair the peplum with gray leggings. It is so versatile you can wear it with leggings when it is cooler or just with little bloomers in the hot Charleston summer.

20140223-162705.jpgAnother great shot of the peplum’s ruffle in action! Looks so great when she is standing!

20140223-162723.jpgA great shot of the peplum when she is sitting down. No matter what pose she got into the ruffle always held its shape. Amazing.

20140223-162735.jpgRain, rain go away! You can really see in this photo that size 12 months is a little big for her. But I thought that would be perfect because she is growing like a weed and this will be the perfect top to have this summer and it will fit her perfectly by then!

  • Pattern: The Fabiana Peplum by Debbie Brooke Designs presale coming soon online and in stores
  • Fabric:  Wren’s Friends Robins Egg Dandlion by Moda Fabrics
  • Grey Leggings: Baby Gap. Similar ones seen here.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of this little angel as much as I do! Vivienne, thank you so much for being my model for the day!  Hanging out with you and brother Nick makes me want to be a mother even more than I already did! I know your mommy and daddy feel so blessed to have you two. And your uncle Choo is looking down from Heaven and he is proud of you. You have his contagious smile so never stop smiling kiddo!

xxoo Priscilla

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