Out and About in a Taylor Swift inspired dress

img_6996There is nothing better than finishing a project on time. For me that almost never happens because I am a last minute kind of lady. But this time I did! I was so excited when I finally completed Sew Caroline’s Out And About Dress . Just in time for a short mini vaca to our nation’s capitol. Will had a “save the environment” conference (reason 237 why I love him) and I would get to visit with family and friends, do some shopping, take lots of pictures, and run around the city! So I packed up my suitcase with my new dress, drove 8 hours with Will to DC, and then this happened…Polar Vortex 2014!!!

Well, so much for getting to be out and about. DC like any other city on the east coast, closes down when it snows. No sight seeing, no shopping. Just lots of Netflix and sitting around in yoga pants. Good thing we stocked up on frozen pizzas and champagne. But anyways. Back to the dress. Yes its finished! I knew that I really wanted to use a black print with either really small flowers, birds, or hearts on it. I saw a photo on the ol’ interwebs of my girl T Swift wearing an adorable black Asos dress while she was out and about shopping in LA with musician Lorde, and this became my inspiration for my fabric selection.

(My invite must of been lost somewhere. Come on, Taylor, you know I love a good shopping trip.)

So I chose a knit fabric that was black with white hearts from Girl Charlee. This combined with the Out and About dress pattern by Sew Caroline were the perfect combo to replicate this look. I love love LOVE this pattern! Great for a new sewer like myself with easy to read directions and lots of photos to help along the way. So many different options for the dress, but I went with the shorter hem and the longer sleeves. Maybe subconsciously I knew it would still be cold in March and that these long sleeves would come in handy! (My subconscious has always been a good weather predictor). The pattern had no zippers, no darts, no frills. Only some gathering of the skirt which was easy to do with a basting stitch. Also, I usually dread doing necklines when working with knit. In the past I have found my bias taping bunches up and makes the neckline droopy. But this four corners method was perfectly explained and I was able to complete the neckline with no problem. Overall I am really excited about this dress and plan to make a few more for myself and some friends.

I’m smiling on the outside but slowly cursing Mother Nature on the inside.

Paired it up with a red belt for some pop of color.

Will captured a picture of me trying to shake the snow off my dress. #Winter Weather Problems

Is that the snow plow I hear?

Ah some warmer indoor photos and also some close ups of the fabric.


Pattern: The Out and About dress by Sew Caroline
Fabric: Tossed Small White Hearts on Black Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric by Girl Charlee
Hat: H&M

20140303-103908.jpgthat’s all for now. I’m off to go dream about warmer weather, suntans, and mimosas.
Will on the other hand will continue to embrace his 12 year old self in every attempt to hit me with a snowball.


xxoo Priscilla


9 thoughts on “Out and About in a Taylor Swift inspired dress

    1. I could never forget your birthday I’ve got it in my memory forever! and yes I think a super shrimp would look very cute in a supers shrimp version of this dress!!


  1. Hi! I just started following your blog – found it through the five eighth seams post, and then realized that my sister-in-law (Jennifer Wieckowski) also showed it to me a few weeks ago. Love the blog. . .and LOVE this dress! Perfect fabric and it looks great on you! I’m currently trying to overcome a totally irrational fear of sewing with knits. . . maybe this is the perfect pattern to help me get over it?


    1. Hey! I’m glad you like the blog!! Yes this out-and-about dress would be a great project to get you back to knits! See Kate Sew also has a knit shirt, the Penelope Peplum, that is super easy too. I just finished mine but haven’t blogged about it yet. I was hating knits my first go round with them but I think it was because I had some cheap knit and didn’t know the value of holding it tight on both ends as I sew it through. Five Eighth has some good quality knits. It makes all the difference. But other then that I don’t even bother with a ball point needle anymore (shh don’t tell anyone) AND come to think of it I don’t always use zig zag stitch. Hehe. Good luck! And don’t let knits scare you! 🙂


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