My Life in Charleston Lately

I’m sure my friends must think that I have moved away. Or possibly that I am out traveling the south of France, eating croissants with men named Jean-Pierre or Francois. But the fact is, I am right here in Charleston. The beautiful city of ours with its beaches, fine dining, oyster roasts, and tourist attractions there are countless things one could get into. But instead I have been doing this:

Work, work, work. My 9 to 5. My hell on Earth. Just kidding it’t not so bad. When you’re knee deep in tracheal secretions or helping someone learn how to swallow their saliva, the time goes by fast.  But I do burn out really easily. And seriously as of lately my only work ambition has been to see if I can re-arrange the office so that no one else in the room can see my computer monitor.

20140314-104328.jpg  Our faces when yet ANOTHER co-worker announces their pregnancy. 

20140314-104411.jpgTrying to be fashion forwards backwards while also protecting my eyes from radiation exposure. 


Photo bombed by a hard worker. She’s young. Give it time.

Running, Running, and More Running. Ok I take it back. This is my hell. I always laugh at girls who say “I just love running” and I have been known to shout “Go eat a steak!”out the window as I drive by runners.  But now here I am doing it. I’ve been running on the West Ashley Greenway, at the county park, on the beach,  over the Cooper River bridge, under the Cooper River Bridge….pretty much everywhere in town. I’ve done it. I’ve run in the rain. I’ve run hung over. In fact , I’ve even run drunk. I hate every second of it. I have been told that running will help increase my progesterone levels (a pregnancy hormone) and also releases Dopamine (the “feel good” hormone), but they irony is I don’t feel good before, during, or after running. But maybe this takes a few months or years to kick in. But with views like this, it’s not always so bad going for a run.


I’m not talking about that marsh view. I’m talking about that tall drink of water with his big gray socks.  I run even further when he’s with me.

Whole Foods,Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare. Anywhere I can get organic shit, organic milk, organic vegetables, nothing with hormones, grass fed beef, grass fed chicken. Nothing with preservatives. Nothing that has been altered by man in any way excepted plucked from its branches. Uhhh I just want a 12 pack of chicken minis!! But no I can’t. Because some farmer down in Mexico decided to pump that chicken full of hormones that if entering my body will interfere with my reproductive hormones. So thank you Chic-fil-a for that. ‘preciate it. Earth Fare is also my stomping grounds for all things herbal. I take Chasteberry for the progesterone, drink red raspberry tea every night (which is the herb known to strengthen the uterus), and take tribulus herbs that are used to stimulate the ovaries and keep ovulation on schedule.  Oh and I also drink a nasty herb mixed with water called Maca that nourishes the endocrine system and thyroid glands which are both involved in hormonal balance. Will, being the kind man that he is, starting taking Ginseng. Not because anything is wrong with any of his “systems” but just because he wanted “to do something too.” So yeah. Long story short, Chinese medicine is where it’s at.

Sewing, sewing, and more sewing. If the paleness of one’s leg is any indication of what the weather is like outside, you would take one look at me and understand that it’s been a long winter. This has worked out great for me seeing as though my number one hobby requires electrical outlets and an ironing board. I have been working hard on a few new projects so stay tuned. For some of my other projects, click here, here, or here.


My little sewing space. My mother almost died when she saw I painted grandma’s old desk and table blue. But I think that’s what she would of wanted. Grandma was a visionary. 

If I am not sewing at home, you might find me at my favorite fabric store Five Eighth Seams. Where “put it on my tab” has become a laughing joke between me and the ladies at the shop. But from the mouth of Will, “Whatever makes you happy…”

five eighth

And Finally, there’s Acupuncture. And believe it or not it actually feels good.I have given up on the endocrinologist and the OBGYN (for now) and my new doctor is simply “Chinese medicine.” There has been a lot of cases of women getting pregnant with acupuncture. So every Monday I get needles stuck in me. And I figure I have been spending $200 a cycle on IUIs and hormone ejections that didn’t work and weren’t comfortable, so why not take that money and use it this. Even if it doesn’t work at least I got a nice massage out of the deal (oh yeah that’s the best part, you get a massage too!)   Sarah from One Life Wellness is great. She takes the time to listen to what is going on with me, she sends me links and emails me information about natural fertility treatments, and she gives a heck of a back massage. You should check her out. 

So that about wraps it up for me. Hopefully this weather will warm up and maybe my face will appear in some different places around time. 

Until next time. xxoo Priscilla

12 thoughts on “My Life in Charleston Lately

  1. I’m having flashbacks of driving through the 4-way stop by the bridge to Lightsey at Clemson and you yelling “go eat a steak” at chicks that were running. Good times 🙂


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