The Colette Ginger skirt

It has been awhile since I blogged about a sewing project. The Brown family of two have been busy bees lately, visiting with family, working around the house {pics to follow}, more visiting with family, and helping my best gal Jess walk down the aisle. Oh and did I mention my family was in town? When my sister and her children, or as Will referred to them “the other loves of my life” come into town, life basically stops.  We watched Frozen three times, ate lots of ice cream, built the sweetest Lego house you have ever seen, and did a whole lot of snuggling. And as usual I have started a few projects but only have one finished project to share today: The Ginger by Colette Patterns.

the ginger

I bought this patterns from Five Eighth Seams in early February, the day of their Super Bowl Sunday sale: all patterns discounted the final score of the winning team. Luckily for me the Seahawks won 43-8. Who doesn’t love 43% off. So I brought home this lovely pattern for about $9.  The fabric is Field Study No 1 by Anna Maria Horner and was also bought from Five Eighth Seams {I just love that shop, check them if you haven’t already}.



I followed this pattern without making any changes. I wasn’t so crazy about how the skirt called for cutting two separate front pieces. I would of preferred to cut on the fold so that I dont have a seam down the front but with such a busy print, I don’t think it is too noticeable. I also love that this is a high-waisted skirt because it sits above the hips, giving pear shaped women like myself a little more slimming look.

nail salon2

I wore the skirt while out with the girls getting my nails done. I love that this print from Anna Maria Horner has so many different colors that you can mix and match which shirt/tank to go with it.


And now just for fun lets do a compare and contrast of my skin color in 2014 versus this photo I found from 2012, the year I got married.  in 2012, winter was much shorter and by March I was already out on the boat and it was bathing suit season. Oh but times they are a changing. I haven’t even dared open my swimsuit drawer for fear of a panic attack; we went out on the boat a few weeks ago and I was bundled up from head to toe (Will got sunburned, of course); and if it freezes one more time, I might just have to stop using old CD cases and actually invest in something called an ice scrapper. I hear they exist. And work better then old Aerosmith CDs. But hey were all Living on a Prayer I suppose.

So that’s it for the Colette Ginger. I have already worn this skirt so many times that I am ready to make another one! Until next time, I am off to give my very deserving husband a shoulder massage while singing songs from Frozen.  xxoo Priscilla

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