Peplum Party Part Three


Here it is. Yet another peplum pattern. I’m telling you, I’ve joined the peplum bandwagon. My first peplum if you remember was the Fabiana Peplum designed by Brooke of Debbie Brooke Designs. And just last week I shared with you all my Penelope Peplum. This third peplum project, the Riding Peplum, comes from April Rhodes. It’s not yet sold in stores but you can buy the PDF here.

I love love this pattern but I decided immediately that I need to make some modifications to it to fit my liking. First of all, I hate bias taping on armholes and neckline. And because this was a white cotton, I could see the bias taping showing through the front on the bodice. So I got out my seam ripper and decided to get rid of the bias taping and do a lining instead. Then when I went to add the lining, I forgot that I had sewn the bodice using french seams (which I did not do for my new lining) so I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t get the two to line up. So I stopped sewing, watched three episodes of How I Met Your Mother,  then a light bulb hit and I realized what had happened, and was then able to rally and get the project done. I loved the way it turned out!



I had a really hard time styling this top. Not sure if it was the gold in the fabric of the fact that although it is 80 degrees outside my skin is still the color of snow. I felt like the “glitz” of the gold was too much for jeans, because of the length of the back of the peplum, shorts were out, and the peplum does not go with skirts (in my opinion). I tried black leggings and I just looked like a 12 year old getting ready for the middle school dance. Also the only color leggings I have are black and again the black just took away from the glam of the gold in the fabric. So I tried white boot cut jeans and overall I think it looked nice. I could see myself wearing this to a fun garden party. So if anyone has an invitation to a garden party please send one my way!


These photos were taken in my parent’s neighbors back yard. The dock into the harbor has seen better days but the views are still some of the best ones in town! Just look at that Cooper River Bridge in the background! 20140414-100537.jpg



If you look really closely you see that the ombre effect of the pattern in the fabric does not go all the way around the entire peplum. This was driving me crazy while cutting because I was working off of only 2.5 yards of fabric and the ombre is only on the bottom part of the fabric. I also had to give up on cutting along the grainline but since the peplum is not form fitting, I figured this would not be a big deal. So even though the pattern doesnt match all the way around, when I am moving and grooving, you can never tell! 20140414-100628.jpg




I love that the peplum has a high-low affect, and is bit longer on the back side covering my big booty!20140414-100710.jpg



My sister Olivia and also my photographer for the day! She flew in from Iowa for spring break and is loving this Charleston weather. She did say that if I said the word “peplum” one more time she would strangle me!!





Thats it for now! Oh and one last thing! This pattern also includes a pattern piece to make the Riding Peplum into a dress!! Look foward to making that real soon.

xxoo Priscilla


Pattern: The Riding Peplum by April Rhodes // Fabric: Micheal Miller Glitz collection // Pants: Joe’s Jeans white bootcup // Flip flops: Rainbows //

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