A DIY maxi dress




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Whoa where does the time go? We just got back from a weekend camping trip on Caper’s Island off the inter coastal waterway. I got a little too much sun, drank just a wee bit too much, have more bug bites then I can count, and am running off a total of 2 hours of sleep. But that’s a whole ‘nother story! So before I go hit my pillow for eternity, I want to share this dress that I created for a knit sewing contest with Girl Charlee fabrics. I didn’t end up winning the contest but I came out of it with a pretty sweet dress! As part of the contest I had to use Girl Charlee’s new Triangle Arrows fabric, which I used for the bodice part of the dress. For the skirt part, I used a black jersey knit cotton that I got from Five Eighth Seams awhile back.20140502-234631.jpg

IMG_9281 IMG_9284 IMG_9279IMG_9357


I am in love with maxi dresses and skirts! I didn’t used to be, but this year I have found that it is all I wear. I knew that See Kate Sew’s Penelope Peplum top (see my version here) was super easy and fun to make, so I decided to use that pattern for my top and just eliminate the peplum piece, adding a full length skirt instead. For the skirt, I didn’t want to do a gathered skirt but instead have it be form fitting. I measured the bottom circumference of the finished bodice piece to see how wide to cut my skirt part. Then I layed the fabric on the table, folded in half long ways, and started cutting straight down, making a very long rectangular piece.  Then sew flip right sides together and sew! No pattern. Just winging it. This is a great technique if you just want a straight pencil skirt, are using knit, and don’t have a pattern. Noted- with this approach I only have a seam on one side and not the other.  But it doesn’t make much of a difference in the movement or way if looks.


Setting the timer for one last picture with my “photographer” and handsome husband Will. He is getting really good!

xxoo Priscilla

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