Buy or DIY? A Lilly Pulitzer Dress


I would have to say that 90% of the time I go into my local fabric store and just buy fabric with no real project in mind. Sometimes its because they are having a buy one- get one 1/2 off sale. Or sometimes it’s because one of my favorite designers, like Leah Duncan or Joel Dewberry, have released a new collection and I want to get it before it’s gone. But on this particular trip to Five Eighth Seams, I saw this pink fabric with gold dots from Michael Miller’s Glitz collection and I knew exactly what it was meant for. And why is that? Because it looked exactly like the fabric I recently saw in this Lilly Pulitzer dress:

lillyNow before I go into the dress, you should know this one thing about me. I am not a fan of Lilly Pulitzer. I dislike about 80-90% of their dresses. And I hate that girls in Charleston call them “Lily dresses” (you are not friends with Mrs P, you have never met her, she is not Cher or Beyonce. And you are not part of a special society. So use her full name). But despite all that, I love to create a good DIY knockoff. Remember the Anthropolgie inspired skirt? Or the Taylor Swift look alike dress?  So I couldn’t resist giving this shift dress a try. I shopped around for a pattern that matched this as best I could and decided on Burda Style pattern 7056 minus the feathers on the hem line (uh… for obvious reasons) and also added a few extra inches to the length.

photo 4photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

I also decided to take off a small piece out of the back of the pattern to turn the back into a racer back. To do this correctly, I used a old racer back tank top that I already owned and lined it up on top of the pattern, traced with a pencil, and then cut off the extra piece as shown below.



Overall I think it turned out nice. This dress would look beautiful at a wedding, a shower, or a spring time fete. Not sure what a fete is but I bet it’s French for “an awesome party.” In these photos however I am just chilling at a fishing pier. But I guess it’s better to be over dressed then under dressed.


Fabric: Michael Miller Glitz from Five Eighth Seams //Pattern: Burda Style Youth from Simplicity #7056 

 Shoes: Steve Madden Espadrille circa 2012. Similar ones seen here // Necklace:  Target


 One last shot with my man squeeze/photographer.


Hope you enjoyed my DIY project! Feel free to email me with any questions And thanks for stopping by!

xxoo Priscilla


15 thoughts on “Buy or DIY? A Lilly Pulitzer Dress

  1. Priscilla, I’m the one who had Daniela call and ask you where you got this pattern. I absolutely love it and you look amazing in it! I can’t wait to try it myself! Great blog post and wonderful work! I can only hope mine turns out half as good as yours 🙂


    1. That’s awesome! Were you able to buy that same Michael Miller fabric? I know they had sold out. I have prob 1/2 a yard left. That won’t cover the dress but if you need extra for lining or whatever let me know. Good luck!!


      1. I’m trying it with muslin first because the pattern didn’t really list measurements to figure out sizing (on the outside of the pattern at least). Then I plan to try the green glitz dot fabric.


    2. hey Jen! Wanted to let you know, I checked and Version A, B,C all use the same font and back pieces and I cut out a size 8 all around for both and added 6 inches to the length! Hopefully that will help.


  2. Blown away! You look amazing… LOL at the burrito photo… I love Lilly Pulitzer (I’m sorry you don’t, but don’t judge me– I live in Florida). I am dying to sew a shift dress knockoff! But first I have to learn to sew!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! Lily Pulitzer is growing on me. Most of her dresses still remind me of the terrors of sorority rush but I’m slowly getting over it. Hehe!! And you can do it!! I learned how to sew only two years ago. It’s amazing what a good pattern and the right fabric you can actually make a half decent looking outfit!


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