Adelaide Top


Hello from a very windy Charleston South Carolina! Poor Will had to take a million photos of me because I couldn’t keep the hair out of my face. But I am excited to share with you my latest project: the Adelaide Top by See Kate Sew!
IMG_9684Kate recently released an entire line of patterns entitled the “Garden Party” and the Adelaide top is one of six from the group. This top can be made with any light weight fabric but Kate designed it to be made in chambray. And since I had my eye on the Cotton Chambray Dots from Robert Kaufman, I couldn’t think of a better project to use it on. I purchased this fabric from Five Eighth Seams, a local fabric store in Charleston that also currently has an adorable chambray with black anchors. So check it out if you live near by and need your chambray fix!

IMG_9689This pattern was my first project with chambray, my first pattern out of the Garden Party Collection, AND also my first time making a ruffle. I am not usually such a girly girl so I was hesitant at first to use the ruffle, but I do think it adds a little something extra and once it was put all together it wasn’t too over the top. The pattern also calls for two decorate buttons on the front yoke but I opted out of those to keep it a little more simple. Lastly, this pattern has a really cool key hole back with a shank button and elastic closure.  I think this pattern might be more of an intermediate pattern, not because of the complexities but because there are some newer techniques  that were not explained completely so I had to do a web search and look them up (such as ease stiching and also where and how exactly to line up the yoke piece to the front bodice). But otherwise, I was able to finish this in only 2 evenings.

IMG_9707 IMG_9712 IMG_9729 IMG_9734 IMG_9741 IMG_9765 IMG_9770

keyhole back


 The Details:

Top: Adelaide from See Kate Sew // Fabric: Robert Kaufman Cotton Chambray Dots // Pants: Joe’s Jeans

Thats all for today! On your way out, enjoy the final picture Will took at the yacht club on our way home. I looks like we just beat the storm!


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