The Jorna Dress

jorna dressIMG_9837

I am so excited about this dress for so many reasons! After a long wait and many eager phone calls later, my local fabric store Five Eighth Seams called me to let me know that the new Art Gallery knits from April Rhodes Arizona collection had arrived. I was so excited when I saw that two of her print were being made into knit. First of all, if you follow my blog then you might have noticed I sew with knits a lot. I just love knit. Yes they sometimes can slip out of place when you run them through the machine and yes you have to do a lot more pinning and you have to use a zigzag stitch with a different tension setting and blah blah. BUT it’s totally worth it.  I just love the way knits feel, the way it drapes, and bonus points: I don’t have to add any zippers or button closures! Whooo who! (Zippers are my arch nemesis by the way. They are the King Joffrey of sewing).  So I couldnt wait to cut into this beautiful knit Tomahawk Stripe print!IMG_9840The pattern is called Jorna by Jenna Brand and it is such an easy and fun pattern to do, I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a fun summer dress. After I cut out my fabric, I saw that the instructions say that if you are taller than 5’9 (which I am) you should add an extra inch to the length. Opps I didn’t. That’s what I get for not reading the instructions first. So my dress is just a wee bit short but hey it’s summer time! Also to let you know, the Jorna dress is part of  this month’s Perfect Pattern Parcel.  The mission of Perfect Pattern Parcel is to support local indie designers and to give back to children’s education. It lasts for only two weeks and you can name your price for a collection of digital sewing patterns. Then you can choose how much of your contribution goes towards the designers, towards charity, or towards Perfect Pattern Parcel. Pretty sweet deal. Click here for more information.  The Jorna dress was just one out of the 6 patterns I got when I make my donation. Stay tuned to see if I ever tackle that swimsuit!!IMG_9836IMG_9845
IMG_9852 IMG_9859  IMG_9874 IMG_9878

xxoo Priscilla

9 thoughts on “The Jorna Dress

  1. Whoa! You ROCKED this dress! How inspiring! I’ve never sewn with knit before but I agree with you on how it looks and feels. I love it. Might just have to take the plunge and sew me up a pretty little dress.


    1. You should try this pattern! It’s so easy, I did it in under an hour. If you have a good quality knit and you hold it on both ends as your running in through, I’ve found I don’t have trouble with knit. Good luck!!


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