Sisters and Rompers

Hello all! I have been so busy this summer, I have been neglecting my blog. First my sister Olivia came to town so there was a lot of laughing and dancing going on. Also, my sister Amanda has been in town from New Jersey for the month so instead of being indoors, I have spent a lot of time at the pool, at the beach, or at the park with my nephews. Normally when I get home from work I do a little yoga, maybe watch a little Ellen, wait for Will to come home and feed me dinner, and then after dinner I wrap myself up in sewing until it’s time for bed. I know what you are thinking: that Priscilla sure lives a wild life. I know. But anyways, now that the kiddos are in town, by the time I get back from hanging out with them, its time for PJs and pillows. But I am by all means not complaining.  I mean come on, just look at them: july collage But luckily for me, my sister Amanda also had an idea for a sewing project. So once the kids are asleep for the night and Will is well feed and happily watching Anthony Bourdain, Amanda and I get busy working on our summer 2014 sister sewing projects: Rompers! Amanda really really REALLY wanted a pant suit (which, without being condesending, had to tell her that it referred to as a jumpsuit not a pantsuit) and I have had the idea for a romper for awhile now. I love wearing sundresses in the summer but sometimes I want to be able to be more lazy and lounge around.  Rompers are easy to wear and they leave a lot of room for dressing up for a night out or wearing with flops to the beach. A wide leg jumpsuit, like Amanda has her eye on, can have a really cool bohemian look that can work for the beach or for date night. Here are some of my inspirations for rompers from Pinterest:

Isidora Romper - Dark Navy

1 Joie romper / 2 Forever 21 romper /3 Parker printed romper

I searched around for some different DIY tutorials, indie sewing patterns, and box patterns that we could use and came up with on a few finds:

Digital Sewing Pattern - Playsuit fabric wormPhoto

1 Salme Digit Sewing Pattern- Playsuit / 2 Fabric Worm Bandeau Romper / 3 Simplicity 1355 Misses Long or Short Jumpsuit

In the end we went with the Simplicity pattern, purely because it had so many different options. I am working on version D so I can have a little romper for the summer and for heading to the beach. Amanda, who really wanted a long version, is mixing the top from version C/D and the pants from version A.   Hopefully by the end of next week or so we will be able to show you our finished garments. Check back soon for our progress. My only wonder is, do we make one for Olivia too……

xxoo Priscilla

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