Buy or DIY? A RED Valentino dress

caroline dress Because getting all dressed up in heels and standing on an old wooden fishing docks is naturally my most favorite thing to do, I am happy to show you my latest “Buy or DIY” dress.  I was browsing around Pinterest a few weeks ago (instead of folding laundry), and I stumbled across an adorable pique dress in a gorgeous cobalt blue color. This dress is  part of the spring RED Valentino collection. RED Valentino brand was introduced in 2004, and “is known for casual pieces that are anything but everyday. In addition to the famous shade of red for which Valentino is known, this collection is also named for the acronym of Romantic Eccentric Dress.” This particular dress was from Neiman Marcus and can be yours for the low price of $995. (you see there is a reason I am not a sales lady. I couldn’t even type that with a straight face). From the time I first saw the dress until now, they have lowered the price to $248. However, sorry Charlie but still too pricey for me.

a dress
RED Valentino Pique Dress with Leather Floral Neckline $998 via Neiman

So I searched around for a pattern that would help me re-create this dress. I headed straight to Indie Sew website first because I wanted to see if they had something that I could use before I turned my search to the big box patterns found in craft stores. Glad I did because I found just what I needed! I was so happy to stumble across the Ladies Caroline Dress pattern by Mouse House Creations. This pattern is so customizable that there are over 40 different versions that you can make including a peplum top, a pleated skirt, long sleeves, and much more. I decided on doing a sleeveless bodice and a short above the knee length skirt to help me replicate the Valentino look. I made my gathers smaller than it called for in the pattern so that the dress would fall more like an A-line dress and not so “ball-gowny” (is that a word?). I think that the placement of the waist line in this dress is just perfect for all body sizes too. And finally, I must say, I just love when patterns have actually photos of each step versus a graphic drawing. That made the construction go by so smoothly. I definitely recommend checking out this pattern for anyone who needs a new cocktail dress for an upcoming occasion. 20140807-135953-50393183.jpg 20140807-135954-50394115.jpgIMG_0006IMG_0007IMG_0020 IMG_0002 I searched around for a floral bib necklace that would try to resemble the one with the Valentino dress but I came up empty handed. So glad that I did because I found this one instead. This necklace was one of the items I purchased during the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale and I love it with this dress! 20140807-135956-50396035.jpg 20140807-135955-50395023.jpg IMG_0101 This dress makes me so happy and it has pockets so of course I am in my element. I’m looking forward to wearing this dress to this upcoming wedding season.

Shoes: Steve Madden / Necklace: Nordstroms / Dress: DIY by me- Fabric: Blue Pique from Five Eighth Seams /Pattern: Ladies Caroline Dress by Mouse House Creations

Until next time! xxooo Priscilla


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