Pink Dresses and Crab Traps

Will and I love our evening trips down to the yacht club. And whats not to love. The beautiful sunset. The regular dolphin sightings. The $2 draft beer. The all you can eat popcorn machine. That’s what I call winning. And sometimes if the tide is just right, we can throw out a fishing pole or crab net and see what comes back. Well lately my nephew Gio has been coming along with us. If you have been following along my blog this summer, than you know we have been fortunate enough to have my sister and her kids in Charleston while they are working on closing on their new home in New Jersey. Gio has his own little “fishing net” and although the popcorn doesn’t entice him nearly as much as it does me, the crabs are always a big hit with him.

On this particular evening, I was wearing my pink Jorna dress. The fabric in the Ripples in rose from Bari J. for Art Gallery fabrics. I just love how soft their knits are! I have made this dress before (click here for a reminder). I love love love my first version and have worn it so many times that Will has even made that sarcastic “oh cool, that dress again” comment when I go to wear it. Ha. Whoops. So I was eager to make another. My first version was just a little short, so I decided to make it a little longer by adding two inches to the length line but did not change up anything else. Well…hmm.. maybe not such a good idea. The way the sides feel down on my hips I looked like I was carrying two saddle bags on my outer thighs. And not in the sexy Jennifer Lopez way. In the thunder thighs, we hope Jane Fonda workout tapes come back in style way. So I decided to redo the side seams in the skirt part which took out some of the extra fabric from the sides of the skirt. This seemed to fix the saddle bag situation. And whalla! you have it. A pink dress fit for catching crabs!








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