How to Makeover a Dumpster Chair

chair makeover

Hopefully the word garbage didn’t gross you out and you decided to stick around and read this post! I didn’t actually pull this chair out of the garbage. Not that I’m past it. But I did find him on the side of the road. This sad little suede covered, brown chair was just sitting there waiting for me to take him home. I love finding a way to turn someone else’s trash into treasure. I have also been really inspired lately by Virgina of Live Love DIY and what she has done to fix up old thrift store chairs. See some of her creations here, here, and here.  My sunroom has been a growing project of ours and now that my sewing area has taking over about half of it, it was time that I had a chair that was just for my sewing table, instead of me having to drag one over from the breakfast area. And I was excited to use some remnants I had of this lovely fabric from Arizona Collection by April Rhodes. I used this same fabric to make my Foxglove tank and needed only 1/2 yard to recover the chair.  Ok so now that you know the back story of how I got the chair and why I needed it, lets look at some before and after photos.

 Chair - before and after IMG_0691 IMG_0692

How to redo the chair:

Step 1: Remove the old cushion. You might need a flat head screw driver to pull off the older staples and a philips head screw driver to remove the four screws from each corner.

Step 2: Add a backing to your chair, if yours doesn’t have one like mine. I had some old backing from another dumpster dive find that I was able to reattach with a staple gun.

Step 3: Prime the entire chair with spray paint primer. Allow that to dry.

Step 4: Spray paint your chair any color you like. I used A Semi-gloss white by Rust-Oleum. Allow time to dry and add a second coat if needed.

Step 5: Add new fabric to your cushion, using a staple gun to the back side, pulling tight and smoothing out all wrinkles as you go.

Step 6: Reattach your newly upholstered cushion.

Step 7: Enjoy!

IMG_0693 IMG_0694 IMG_0695 Legolas approves!


It does have a little hole in the back meshing but I am ok with that considering that I spent only $8 on this project and that was the cost of spray paint. IMG_0698 Finding its new home in my very honest, very disorganized craft room!

See ya next time!! xxxoo Priscilla

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