Winter Storm 2014 and the Icon Coat

IMG_0874IMG_0870 IMG_0871     IMG_0877

I finally made my first coat and just in time for our annual trip to snowy New Jersey. We made the 14 hour drive on one of the busiest traffic days of the year, through a snow storm, and with two large dogs in the back seat. And we only got into one fight. I would say that is a success! When we arrived it was already dark but we woke up to 5 inches of snow on the ground and the snow was still falling. As much as I hate the cold, even I had to admit it was a beautiful sight to see.

IMG_0875In these photos I am wearing the Icon Coat by See Kate Sew. I have been wanting to make a coat for awhile but didn’t know where to start. This was Kate’s first paper pattern and I was happy to take a break from the printing and taping that comes with PDF patterns. I didn’t know what fabric to go with but the pattern was designed for a wool blend so I went with that. I choose a black with white polka dot wool blend that I ordered from I have never ordered from them before but I was curious about their upholstery fabric so I decided to pick out some swatches and go ahead and buy this fabric along with it so I could get free shipping on the upholstery swatches. The fabric is thick and my machine took to it really well but if you mess up and have to take out a seam (like I do with EVERY project) it will fray the wool edges and can get messy. Otherwise the wool blend was easy to work with.

IMG_0876   This pattern was fun to work with and because I completed it during the “Coat-along” I had some extra help along the way. This was my first time doing a bagged lining and first time doing welt pockets. Both of those I did without any trouble thanks to the sew along. I did have some trouble with the button holes, of all things. My Brother machine button hole foot only makes holes up to 1 inch and I of course bought the jumbo 2 inch buttons. I ended up having to make two button holes right on top of the other which involved a little bit of extra thinking but in the end you can’t really tell that they are off by a millimeter or so. Or so I hope 🙂

Here are some other snowy pictures for you to enjoy.

IMG_0881   IMG_0901 IMG_0932IMG_0837IMG_0892IMG_0857

Until next time. Stay warm! xxoo Priscilla

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