Happy Christmas!

finalWe are looking forward to having a few days off to spend time with family on these last few days of 2014. This year will definitely go down as the strangest, most difficult year for us yet. We started off the year with so much sadness as we watched a friend lose his life to cancer at such a young age. We cried together while my oldest friend in the world Brittany mourned the loss of her father and then as one of our best friends lost her brother in a tragic accident. And then in July, we lost the tiny little miracle that was growing inside my belly. He or she was 10 weeks old, was the size of an olive, and had a beautiful heartbeat. One day it was here and the next day it was gone. We were devastated. The sadness we saw this year really broke us. But we learned that love can mend a broken heart. The love Will and I share together and the love that poured in from our friends. Friends that brought midnight tubs of ice cream and cried with us. Friends that left bolts of fabric and flowers at the door to cheer us up. The friendships that took Will for shrimping trips when it was needed the most and sat on front lawns with me drinking wine and eating cheese on Mondays at noon because…well…why not. We saw love this year as we watched a sister, a cousin, and friends say “I do.” And we felt love when we became godparents, laughing with family, and holding the hands of a nephew as he took some of his first steps. We are coming out of this year stronger than ever, filled with love, and optimism as we look into the future. We got through this year and I learned that with my family and friends by my side, I can get through even the worst of times. I wish you all a new year that is full of the joy and friendship that I have been so blessed to have this past year. And many blessings to you all for years to come.


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