The True Story of Will’s Blue “Glitter” Sweater


This post is the true story of how my husband got a homemade glitter sweater as his Christmas present. I had decided last fall to make him a homemade present for Christmas. I had started making him a collar shirt last summer but that project is currently on pause (more about that later). I found the pattern for the Finlayson Sweater by Thread Theory and knew that it would be a fun and easy make for him.



But before I get into how much I love this pattern, let me tell you what went down with my fabric selection. To preface this story, you should know that I don’t have the most stellar vision. My contact prescription is -8.5 in both eyes, I don’t see very well in the dark, and I sit inches away from TVs and computer monitors. Its bad. Damn you genetics. So I am at Joanna’s looking for wreath making supplies and I see that knits are 50% off! The Finlayson Sweater is made for knits and I love love LOVE sewing with knits, especially when sewing for others and fit could possibly be an issue. So I see this blue knit out of the corner of my busted, sad, big eyes and I knew I needed to get it for Will’s sweater. You see, he has the most striking blue eyes and when he wears blue it makes the color even stronger and I just melt looking at them. They really are something special. Should be in a museum or something. Well anyways, I get home and cut the fabric pieces. Then head out to my super bright sun room to start sewing, and I notice that there is a “shine” to the fabric. Almost sparkley. And that’s when I notice….the fabric has glitter in it. Very subtle but it’s there. But at this point I have already cut size XL pieces. I can’t use it for a girl friend. I had already cut size XL! So I ask Will if he would mind owning a glitter sweater and he replies “I probably won’t ever wear it but its the thought that counts.” 😦 So I make it anyway. And I told him to try it on and see what he thinks. And low and behold he tells me that he actually can’t see the glitter. He has now worn it a few times and honestly I can’t even really see the glitter anymore myself. Oh its definitely there and we laugh about it but it hasn’t kept him from wearing it. My 6’7 lumbar jack husband proudly wears the glitter shirt his wife made him.


I absolutely love this pattern. I was able to make the entire thing in one evening. Like I mentioned, I cut a size XL and only added 1 extra inch to the sleeve length. I love the cuff sleeves and the cuffed hem. Such a nice clean finish to the garment. Will did not want the front pocket or the back hood but that is also an option for this pattern that I might consider trying in the future, especially if I got my hands on some sweatshirt knit. I definitely think this will be my go-to mens sweater/long sleeve shirt pattern for future gifts!IMG_1113Those blue eyes!


IMG_1117I was trying to get a real close up so you could see the glitter factor but can’t even see it in these photos!


And of course the pups had to make an appearance. Thanks for stopping by! xxxooo Priscilla

3 thoughts on “The True Story of Will’s Blue “Glitter” Sweater

  1. This sweater is awesome! Looks just like something my husband should wear. And on the risk of sounding like an absolute creep, your hubby’s not too bad himself!!


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