Channeling my Inner J-Lo and Kardashian Style

senna dressAnother appropriate name for this post would be “how to wear a pencil skirt like the pros.” And by pros I mean “the ladies with the epic booties.” I have found that a tight pencil skirt, or anything that is tighter on the bottom half, looks great on either really, really tiny girls or girls who rock the epic J-Lo/Kim Kardashian/Nicki Minaj booty. Because with a back side like that you either go big or go home. Me on the other hand, I fall somewhere in between.  A lot of booty in the back but not enough to be classified as an epic booty.

There is a reason why I am rambling on about bug butts. And I can not lie. If you follow my blog, you might have seen that I am usually a shift dress/long tunic/flowy maxi skirt kind of girl. But none the less, I was intrigued to try my hand at something that was a little bit out of my usual zone. When Indiesew asked me to make the Senna dress by Lindsay Woodward, I was really excited to give it a try.  When I saw this pattern it reminded me of something the ladies mentioned above would wear, but a little bit classier.  In fact,  I think  the Senna Dress may have just put the clASSy back into ASSes (ok that was a horrible joke but come on, it was right there.)

The ladies and the tight skirts. Only way they know how.

Anyway, all joking aside, this dress was really fun to make and fun to wear. The pattern is a fitted ruched pencil skirt with a kimono sleeve bodice that can be sewed as a full dress or with a separate crop top. I went with the full dress (I’ll save the crop top for when I am running low on fabric).  I love the loose style of the bodice giving it an almost “relaxed on the top- party on the bottom feel.”  I was able to complete this entire dress on my serger with the exception of top stiching the sleeve and skirt hem. The ruched skirt was a first for me but Lindsay does a great job explaining how to do this and I had no trouble making it work! The bodice fabric is a red stretch jersey from Five Eighth Seams and the fabric for the skirt is from Art Gallery Fabrics. Here are some photos of the completed dress:IMG_1135 IMG_1134 Depending on your fabric choices and colors, this dress can really be styled with heels for a night out on the town or with sandals for a more casual look. It was 40 degrees the day I took this photo but I was feeling like spring on the inside so I went with some sandals from Old Navy. Goes well with my pale winter legs. 🙂IMG_1123 IMG_1125IMG_1120So what do you think? Did I pull off the look?

xxoo Priscilla


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