An Aztec Inspired Shift Dress

IMG_1161I noticed last year that tribal prints were all the rage.  Which is perfect because I love anything that lets me embrace a boho chic inspired look and also because last fall we traveled all around New Mexico. What does vacationing to the Southwest have anything to do with it? Nothing at all. But either way I have been feeling very “native” ever since then so let’s just roll with it. So when I stumbled upon this red triangle print from Alison Glass, I knew I needed to use it and thought it would be a good fit for my next Indiesew pattern: The Cabin Dress by Blueprints for Sewing. This fabric is considered a lightweight quilting cotton but it is so lightweight it’s the next best thing to a voile or rayon but much easier to sew with for any of you beginners who struggle with voiles.

IMG_1149IMG_1163IMG_1158IMG_1157This dress has welt pockets, which I have done only one other time but never in a dress before. I love how they turned out, perfect location on the dress for walking with my hands in my pockets but also lays flat perfectly when not in use. Much better than the bulky pockets in some of the other dresses I have done. The back pleat took a little time to work on and I am not crazy how it turned out. I think I should of done the optional top stitch to secure the pleat in place. But you know, if its says optional, I’m probably going to skip that step! hehe #I’m lazy.

This dress was fun to wear and even more fun to style. I styled the dress with a fun printed sweater from Charlotte Russe (Christmas present!) and some gold “aztec inspired” jewelry. The necklace was on sale at Style Dwell here in Charleston for super affordable price. They have the best stuff! IMG_1166IMG_1147 IMG_1144IMG_1141I’m hoping this tribal trend doesn’t fade out anytime soon. I have a bit more triangular prints/feathers/arrows fabric in my stash that need cutting into. 🙂


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