An Easter Dress + an Indie Pattern Mash Up

easter dressIMG_1941 IMG_1945IMG_1953 IMG_1982 IMG_1967IMG_1976IMG_1974

SHOES: LC Lauren Conrad // NECKLACE: gift from a friend  // BODICE PATTERN: My Dress from Debbie Brooke Designs // SKIRT PATTERN: The Riding Peplum- Party Dress by April Rhodes

Last fall, Will and I went to New Jersey to visit some family and I indulged in a trip to the garment district in Manhattan to see what I could see. This time I stumbled upon Paron Fabrics on West 39th Street and couldn’t believe the prices! I scored this four way stretch, mint-colored, lace knit that was discounted for $8 a yard. I have been hoarding it since last fall hoping to make something for this spring and I figured an Easter dress sounded like the perfect occasion.

IMG_1955For this dress I decided to do a “pattern mash up.” This is where you take the bodice pattern piece of one pattern and mix it with the skirt pattern piece from another design.  I have done the My Dress before (see here) but never in knit. I decided to go with this pattern for the bodice since I would be wearing this to church and I wanted to have just a little more on my shoulders instead of going entirely sleeveless. The only change I had to make was to size down a size to allow for the stretch of the knit, so I ended up cutting out a size 4 for the bodice. For the skirt piece I used the  Party Peplum Dress piece from April Rhodes, since I wanted this dress to be a little more flowy then the pencil skirt that comes with the My Dress. I have done this dress before (see here) and it is still one of my favorite dresses to wear. It has a nice high-low hem and is fun and “twirly.” I cut a size medium and didn’t need to make any adjustments to the fit.IMG_1973 The only thing I wish I would of done differently is added length to the bodice. I said that the last time I made the My Dress yet I once again forgot. That would of made the waist line a few inches lower and also the bottom a little lower. So I ended up not hemming the bottom of the skirt once I noticed it was going to be pretty short. It would of been nice to have hemmed the bottom but I am hoping the knit doesn’t unravel with too many wears.IMG_1969The lining of the dress is also a four way stretch knit in the same mint color as the lace. I picked this up on my same trip to Manhattan for under $10 a yards!IMG_1989The necklace I am wearing is probably a little too cliche to be wearing on Easter but I thought it was perfect so who cares! It has three tiny robin’s eggs and was a gift from my dear friend Nicole. I wish the place that she purchased it from in Charleston still existed because I get asked about it every time I wear it.  I found a similar one here, here, and here.IMG_1985These shoes are pretty killer and I was really excited to get a chance to wear them. Who knew that Lauren Conrad was making shoes now. Last I saw her she was fresh out of high school, living in the Hills, and getting wild and crazy.  Now she’s all over Kohl’s like she owns the place.IMG_1995IMG_1952That’s it for a my Easter dress! I have some more plans up my sleeve to mash up a few other patterns so stay tuned for that! Hope everyone had a happy and healthy Easter!



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