Buy or DIY: Tales of a Cactus Tank Top

IMG_2277So lately I have been seeing cactus inspirations everywhere. On towels, plates, clothing, you name it. And succulents have over night become the go to house plants these days (sorry orchids). I am not sure where trends get their start, but me being ever the trend-follower and not trend-setter, I decided that I had to have a cactus shirt for the summer! Stumbling around Pinterest, I found this adorable tank top from one on my favorite clothing lines: Show Me Your Mumu. However at $66  for a little ol’ tank top, I decided to pass on it.


Then enter the cactus fabric. On a recent trip to Chicago, I found the smallest, most jammed packed fabric store I have ever been to and inside I discovered an entire section of fabric for $4 a yard! And in this section next to the faux furs and the Obama quilting cotton, was the cutest knit cactus fabric. So naturally I snagged a few yards and began my dream of owning a cactus tank top.IMG_2276 I used the same Together Tank pattern from Debbie Brooke Designs that I ‘ve recently completed (see here) as this is definitely my new favorite go to pattern for tank tops. I decided to extend the length by about 1/2 an inch because I remembered that the other one was just a tad short when I lifted my arms. And I used the same cactus knit print on both the front and the back instead of using a different fabric as in most Together Tanks. IMG_2274 IMG_2272The fabric, I must point out, is much thicker than it looks. Even though it has some good stretch to it, it’s definitely closer to a fleece knit then it is a jersey a jersey knit and although it worked for our nightly walk, I don’t think this fabric would make it in Charleston in the middle of summer. But at $4 a yard I couldnt say no. And I bought enough that may a cool Southwestern blanket or quilt could be in a future…IMG_2269I wore this new tank for a walk around the neighborhood with Will and the dogs last night so naturally I wore my green New Balance because duh…green. And paired it with some old school jorts that have been in my closet since before I knew Will,  long before I knew how to sew, and longer than my thighs and I care to admit. IMG_2264 Will told me he thought the “lines you sewed into the sides” were pretty cool. Thanks babe. And they’re called darts. But sure, we’ll go with lines. IMG_2253

cactus shirtIn the end I used less than a yard so I probably spent closer to $2-3 on this shirt! So even though the “buy” is probably more summer friendly and definitly more flowly, I finally got my cactus tank top that I wanted and found that you never know what you might if you walk into a new fabric store!



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