Trash Into Treasure

IMG_2321 IMG_2333 IMG_2320  Earlier this month my mother gave me a bag of old clothes to bring to Good Will. Normally I would not even think twice to rummage through my mother’s old clothing that she has been hoarding since 1987, but these days I am always in the search for old clothing that I can use as fabric for my next project. And to my luck, I found this awkwardly shaped elastic linen skirt:IMG_6456I spent the better half of an afternoon seam ripping the the hem and the elastic band out of the skirt, pressing and pressing out years worth of wrinkles and seams lines, and cutting the skirt into two large rectangle pieces, with just enough extra for scraps/pockets/sleeves.IMG_2335 I recently purchased my first ever romper from a local shop, Tres Carmen Boutique. I have had my eye on this romper from Show Me Your Mumu for awhile now, and if you follow my blog its obvious that I am a huge fans of theirs. The romper is soft, feminine, flowy, and a beautiful floral print (All of their prints are AMAZING!) But at 5’10 with a looooooong torso, the romper was letting by big ass shine in a way that only a husband and possibly a nearby construction worker could love. So I decided I needed a little light weight summer sweater/jacket/cover up/kimono/cape or something that was longer in the back to give me some coverage but not to overwhelming to take away from the beauty of the romper. I knew this linen fabric was just the ticket for creating a DIY Bum Cover-Upper (trademark pending).IMG_2362IMG_2336 I didn’t use a pattern for this project, with the exception of using the Sew Caroline Kimono free pattern template as my guide for length. I cut one larger rectangle shaped back piece and two  much narrower front pieces (I guess they really should be called side pieces. If you can tell from the photos, the pieces are so narrow that you can not even close the jacket in the front. But that was never the aim of this garment. I simply wanted the length in the back). I had just enough fabric left for two little cap sleeves and pockets just for fun. IMG_2339 IMG_2350 IMG_2353ROMPERShow Me Your Mumu //   NECKLACE: World Market //   SANDALS: Lulu’s //   LINEN JACKET: Hand made

skirt to shirtLet this be a lesson that yes tall girls can wear rompers! But if you are still on the fence,  it always helps to have a little linen jacket to throw on as your safety net. And you never know what kind of fabric you might find from the bottom of your mother’s bag of old clothing.


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