What I Have Been Making These Days

IMG_0019Over the past couple months I have had several folks ask me “so what have you been working on lately?” I know that they are asking about sewing projects and my quick reply is always “oh I have a few projects on the table. Mostly dresses.” But the truth is, since early June I have made very few sewing projects and instead have been working on making a baby. Yes, I am indeed pregnant and Will and I are expecting our first child this February! After three years of trying on our own to get pregnant, 4 failed IUIs, and one miscarriage, we decided in June to go ahead and do an IVF. (For those of you who aren’t down with the lingo, that is basically where they take an egg out of me, mix it with Will’s sperm in a petrie dish to see if it will grow/why it won’t grow, and then pop that bad boy back inside my uterus.) So $1500 in fertility hormones later there were 8 retrieved eggs, 5 that were viable, 4 that fertilized with Will’s sperm, down to 2 little embryos ready for implantation, and finally leading to one little baby in my belly. Our little, it-had-to-be-you embryo that has grown into a 17 week old long legged fetus. So in between the fertility treatments, the medical bills, and the extreme exhaustion that comes with the first trimester, there wasn’t much time (or money) for buying fabric and starting new sewing projects. During my first trimester I would come home from work and then literally go straight to bed. Very untypical of my night owl mentality. I had prepared myself for morning sickness (although that actually never came) but no one prepares you for how exhausted you are. Every afternoon felt like I had just come home from a 2 am rave. Tired beyond description. To the point I was too tired to even eat dinner. And you know if I am skipping meals, something must be going down. So that was the summer. Sorry sewing enthusiasts.  Not too many sewing projects. We made a fetus instead.

IMG_0017So lucky that I had him by my side despite being dressed like a cast member from the final scene of E.T. IMG_0004This baby was straight chilling on the egg sack like it was a pillow. Lazy like it’s mom. This was our second ultrasound and the fetus was starting to look like a baby.  Plus this was the farthest we had ever been with a pregnancy. So feeling good all around.

IMG_0006Ok now its really starting to look like a baby. This is when Baby Brown was nicknamed Baby Long Legs.  He or she also has their hand over their eyes in a very diva-like way: “Please no more pictures.”
IMG_0010This photo was taken the day we graduated from the fertility clinic. I was sad to have to say good bye to Dr. Singleton but it was nice to be a “regular” preggers for a change instead. And boy do I love standing next to Will. He makes me feel so small.

IMG_0316 IMG_0001IMG_0020 It has been quite a journey to get here and we are so thankful for all the wishes on shooting stars, fallen eyelashes, wild dandelions, birthday candles, pennies that you threw in fountains, and all the other wishes that were sent our way. I have learned this year to never underestimate the power of prayers and the wonders that is modern medicine. And now I will finally have to learn how to spell February.  Now that I am feeling more like myself, I have big plans for the sewing machine. Ok maybe some of it is baby clothes/baby quilt related. But not all of it will be. And naturally I will need a thousand more pair of stretch leggings. So stay tuned….

xxoo Priscilla

8 thoughts on “What I Have Been Making These Days

  1. Congratulations!! It will all be so worth it in the end. I found that the exhaustion never went away for me, it just varied in its levels. Good luck and almost half way!!


    1. Thanks!! I finally started having more energy around 13 weeks but still have been going to be earlier than the old me. I am 19 weeks as of yesterday so yes halfway feels good!!


  2. Congratulations. We’ve got a healthy & happy 11 week baby boy through IVF…long road as well so I can totally understand what you’re going/have been through. Hang in there coz once they arrive its even more tiring but as everyone says “totally worth it”. xx


    1. I was so nervous about doing an IVF but looking back the process was not bad at all and totally worth every penny and every bit of exhaustion!! Congrats on your baby boy!! that is awesome!!


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