all the baby things

Like all of Charleston, Will and I were rained in all weekend with little access off of the island that we live on. Many folks on James Island (and throughout the rest of the state) dealt with some devastating losses due to the flooding and my hearts go out to these families. Fortunately for us,  cabin fever really was the only issue we dealt with. But we made the best of the rainy weekend and  I took it upon myself to try out some different sewing techniques and finally tackle some random sewing projects I had long ago pinned on my Pinterest board.  IMG_2785Over a year ago, I found this free pattern for top knot baby caps. I saw it first as a guest post from Erin of Sewbon, who is my soul sister when it comes to sewing with knits.  (check her out at Her post linked to the original tutorial from Ashley of Make It and Love It.  Check out either of those links for other pics of adorable baby hats, fabric inspiration, and for the free pattern piece to make this top knot baby cap! IMG_2778I have been drooling over the strawberry fabric that Erin used for her baby cap. But instead of buying new fabric I decided to take this opportunity and clean out my knit scrap drawer. So since I used left over scraps for this project, I basically spent $0!  IMG_2784Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, just click here for the step by step tutorial on how to make these cute little baby hats. I was able to make four in under 2 hours. Not to shabby for a rainy afternoon!
IMG_2783I tried out different band sizes just for fun and to see what I liked best, so you will notice that no 2 bands are the same width. And of course the knots were the easiest, and my favorite part, of the project.IMG_2782I love that the seams are tucked away within the band so that there is no seam scratching on the inside of the baby’s head. Very clever! IMG_2780 Looking forward to popping one of these bad boys on my new niece, baby Zoe, as soon as I get the chance to meet her. And then of course I may keep a few for myself…. color to be determined 🙂

Its a great beginningers project so even if you are a newby to sewing but looking to make some handmade presents, give this a try!

Until next time! xxoo Priscilla

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