Tight Dresses + Big Bellies

So recently I got all dressed up for a dinner party in a flowy, boho, A- line shaped top. Lace on the neckline. Racer back cut. Super cute. Super comfortable. But when I walked out the door, Will said “hmm you don’t look pregnant in that shirt.” To which I replied “How is that possible, look at my big belly!” “Oh you still look like you have a big belly, you just, errr….don’t look pregnant.” Which was man code for “that shirt makes you look fat.” And as I looked in the mirror I knew he was right. There was no telling where my boobs ended and my pregnant belly began and I really couldn’t tell you if my shoes were tied because I couldn’t see past the shirt to my feet. Turns out flowy tops, while logistically sound good when you are pregnant, do not always look the best.  So the next weekend I went onto Pinterest for some inspiration. And turns out you can still look cute in non maternity clothes that are form fitting, as long as they have a little stretch to them. And to that I made a tight fitting knit dress for my big 25 week baby bump. IMG_3144 IMG_3156 IMG_3161 I didn’t use a pattern for this dress. Instead I used my favorite T shirt dress as a template to create my own pattern. I have used this before: see here. But this time I added about 6 inches to the length and I shortened the cap sleeves by about 1/2 an inch. This was because I was originally thinking I would make a long sleeve dress . Then I remembered oh yeah its still 85 degrees here in Charleston. Lets go with short sleeves. IMG_3162 Trying my hand at blind hems. Not as “blind” as the last time I attempted this method. Maybe it was the use of a thicker ponte knits but still a nice little touch to the hem line.  If you have never done blind hems, check out this Youtube video for a nice, easy tutorial. IMG_3164 The fabric is the latest knit in April Rhodes’s Bound collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. It  is so soft yet thick enough that I don’t feel too “exposed” or risqué. IMG_3170 Here is the baby bump in all its glory! I’m hoping my belly will distract you from my unkempt hair and my oh so pale legs. IMG_3176

I am hoping to roll out a few more sheath and body con type maternity dresses soon as now the baby shower invitations are getting sent out. Yipee! I could just celebrate this baby every day! So anyways, stay tuned for those.

xxoo Priscilla

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