swing tee turned maternity top


I found a FREE pattern on Pinterest for a swing t-shirt (Check it out here!) but I have been putting off giving it a try, not knowing what my body is planning on doing. Last week I decided to give it a shot and I am glad I did. The pattern is so easy and I was able to use a scrap piece of Art Gallery woven fabric (The same fabric that the pattern designer used) and less than a yard of white ponte-de-roma knit, that I keep on stock at all times for last minute projects. (I also keep 4 yards of black stretch jersey on standby at all times. I am borderline hoarding knit fabric at this point in my life). As for the shape, the a-line pattern is perfect for the baby bump without having to add the elastic down the side that you see in most box store maternity tops. The neck band could use another good pressing and top stitch, but I was rushing to beat the sun for these pictures.  I did finally break down and buy a pair of maternity black skinny jeans from Nordstroms. It’s been my only maternity clothes purchase thus far but I am wondering why I haven’t been wearing these my entire life. They look exactly like regular jeans but have a stretchy yoga-pants-like piece that goes high up above my belly. It’s kind of like having Spanx attached to the top of your jeans and there is no fear of plumbers crack. Yes I do believe I will wear these forever. 29 weeks down, 11 more to go!

xxoo Priscilla


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