What I Wore When my Water Broke: our birth story part 1

IMG_3489 What Happened that Day:

Dear Liam, You decided to be born on Valentines day. Which makes perfect sense as that is the day we celebrate love. And now we will always celebrate that day and the love that made you and brought you into the world.  Valentines Day was not “the plan.” You were due to come on February 24th. In fact, everyone thought you’d be late.  Your dad joked how “cool” it would be if you came on the 29th, Leap Day. I on the other hand were hoping you’d surprise us and come early. And surprise us you did!

Your birth story actually starts the night before you were born, on February 13th. It was a Saturday. The SEWE festival was going on here in town that weekend, there was yet another Republican debate airing on TV that night, as was the NBA dunk contest, and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was in full swing in NYC. But it was a regular day for the two of us filled with to-do lists, get togethers, and things to keep us busy as we awaited your arrival. I woke up early that day and went to barre class, like I did most Saturdays. I joked with the class teacher that I’d be back a few more times because “this baby isn’t acting like he wants to come out any time soon.” Around 2:00 we went to a birthday party for a friend, and then came home to change for a dinner party at 6:30 at our friends Shannon and Justin’s house. Shannon, being an excellent cook and new-receipe enthusiast, had decided to try her hand at making Duck a L’Orange. About mid way through the appetizers, I stood up to go refresh my drink and thats when it happened. My water broke. It was only a little bit of water so no one noticed.  I figured I should go to the bathroom, assess the situation, and then come up with a plan. I whispered to your dad that I thought “something might be happening.” For which he frantically announces to our friends “Priscilla thinks her water just broke!” However being the casual person that I like to think that I am, I cleaned myself up best I could and strolled back into the dining room right as Shannon announced “dinner is served.” So I did what all dinner guests would do. I took my seat, ate my dinner, and hung around until dessert. I mean come on. It was duck! And cheesecake!  But at this point it was just a little water, there were no contractions, I was in no pain, no pelvic pressure. Nothing. I felt great! And everyone had told me “you only go the hospital when you feel contractions that are 5 minutes apart.” So I stayed. And I felt full and satiated from an amazing meal. We sat around and discussed if we should go the hospital or just call the doctor. And yes ALL OF US discussed this at the dinner table. Great conversation piece for the dudes at dinner. And that’s when it happened. More water. And this time a lot! We quickly said our goodbyes and I stood up and that’s when it happened again for the third time. Complete water breakage. This time I knew what was happening. It was all down my nice black handmade leggings right there on their dining room carpet. We quickly made it to the car with my water continuing to break during the entire walk and made it to the hospital in less than 5 minutes leaving behind our jaw dropped friends and just a tad of amniotic fluid on their nice Italian leather chair.   The doctor admitted us into the hospital confirming that my water was fully broken and “this baby was coming.” And less than 17 hours later you were here. But we will get to that part of the story on another day…

What I Wore: Here are some photos of me from that evening, on our way to the dinner party. The leggings and tunic are both handmade by me with my favorite boots and hat thrown in.  Not sure there is a “correct” outfit to be wearing when your water breaks but if there is, I like to think that this was it! IMG_3473IMG_3496 IMG_3485IMG_3480IMG_3504 Top: Handmade Rie top from Megan Nielson. There are three different versions of this pattern (top, tunic, dress) and three different sleeve lengths. (I went with the tunic length, bicep sleeves, in size medium)   – Fabric: Your Heart Pure in Knit from Art Gallery Fabrics. purchased at Five Eighth Seams    –  Leggings: Handmade Sew Simple Leggings by So Sew Easy   –     Boots: Mossimo (similar ones here)     – Hat: Forever 21 IMG_3510xoxo Priscilla

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