Maternity Photos + a DIY Lace Dress

IMG_3231 IMG_3225Today I wanted to share a few 32 week maternity photos in my stretch lace homemade dress.  I originally did not want to share these photos because at the time they were taken, I thought I looked so huge, my smile looked goofy, my hair was cray-cray, and my pale skin was almost as white as the dress I am wearing. But now that my pregnancy is over and I am sitting here sifting through these photos, I actually love the way they turned out! I am one of those creepy women who actually enjoyed being pregnant and I loved the way it felt when baby Liam kicked in my belly. So I think despite the goofy grin and my sun squinted eyes, these photos reflect a time in my life that I am so blessed to have gone through. Even though I must say, life is much sweeter with him on the outside instead of in!IMG_3202 The dress, of course, is DIY. Although ironically, I did not intend on making a maternity photo shoot dress. Or even doing a maternity photo shoot for that matter. But one day I was at Jo’Anns and found the most ridiculous clearance bin of fabrics and  fell upon yards and yards of this lovely stretch lace for like $4. No kidding. But I had no idea what to make with it. If you follow me on Instagram you remember that I actually joked that I was making a wedding gown and some of you commented “oooooh ooooh do a maternity shoot!” So I did. The dress was created using the My Dress pattern from my friend Brooke at Debbie Brooke Designs. This is still one of my three favorite go-to patterns for dresses. I created the bodice per instructions and for the skirt, I simply made it maxi length instead of knee length. And despite being pregnant, I sized down since I was using a stretch knit. It was a quick one day sew and now if anyone needs an on-the-fly wedding dress, give me a call, its all yours!! IMG_3185 IMG_3245IMG_3217

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