To the Women Still Waiting This Mothers Day

IMG_3795Being Liam’s mother is truly the most wonderful gift I’ve ever been given and through all the sleepless nights, chapped nipples, and 5 am diaper blow outs, I’ll never take for granted what a blessing he is. Being a mother is all I have ever wanted, but contrary to what you see on TV and in movies, it doesn’t always happen so easy.

My road to motherhood was a long and at times very stressful road. I have always loved the quote  “the sweet is never quite as sweet without the sour. And boy do we know the sour.” Infertility will test your faith, test your marriage, and test your patience. Do I think that everything happens for a reason? No I really don’t. I think some times things just happen, or don’t happen in our case, that are unexplainable. But when I look down at Liam smiling at me, I know what he was worth the wait, despite how awful the waiting felt in the moment.

On my first Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think of all the women who are still waiting. The women who are struggling with infertility. The ones who are still asked “When will you start having kids,” “Why don’t you have children yet?” “Do you not want kids?” and don’t really know how to answer those questions. The women who had a little glimmer of hope and then lost it to a miscarriage. The women who have endured endless negative pregnancy tests. Who have been told “you might have to make peace with the fact that you may never be able to carry a child.” These women are still waiting and still mourning this Mother’s Day. To all of you out there, I’m thinking of you and my heart breaks with you.

IMG_3780These photos are from a random afternoon when Will got home from work. I realized that we never really had a newborn photo shoot. But the lighting was so nice that afternoon in the nursery so I put on some mascara and Will got out the “nice camera” and took a few pics. These are some of my favorite pictures of Liam and I. He is about 10 weeks old and it was the first time we have ever used the crib. Hehe!
IMG_3800 IMG_3787IMG_3793 IMG_3789IMG_3794IMG_3784 IMG_3791IMG_3801

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