DIY Baby Leggings

img_6974In a town filled with little girls in smocked dresses, little boys wearing john-johns until they’re seven, and monogrammed initials on nearly anything imaginable, I find myself to be in the minority when it comes to children’s fashion. And while I was born in the south, I should point out that my first experience with grits wasn’t until high school. And I was way into my 20s before adding shrimp to your grits made any sense. So no I wouldn’t necessarily say I was raised southern. And when it comes to dressing my four month old, I do not usually buy the typical southern attire. So when I am out and about shopping, I have a hard time finding outfits for Liam that I think are cute but still fitting into my “baby style” (if that’s even a thing). So naturally, I decided it only made sense to make him some pants! And these are not your typical baby pants. I am calling these Liam’s hot pants. I have no idea why. But lets just roll the pictures, shall we?

Both of the white graphic tees where given to us as gifts but I was told you can purchase them locally at a vendor at the Charleston Farmers Market!


the cuff at the bottom might be my favorite part!
We must have a stuffed animal on both sides of us when sleeping at all times.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, I am going to share a few links I found through my fellow sewing bloggers that have great FREE patterns and tutorials on how to make baby pants/leggings:

  1. Todd Ah
  2. See Kate Sew (jeggings!)
  3. Baste and Gather (this one is great for cloth diaper babies!)

Once you make one or two pair, you will find how ridiculously easy this is. In fact I made four in just one short evening. (Mind you this was one of those rock star evenings where Liam slept the entire time. Those feel like such a distant memory….)  imageThis was a great quick sew and a great use of remnant knit fabric. In fact I have dresses from both the top two Art Gallery knit fabrics. So perhaps a little mommy and me twinning session is in our future. These last two knits I love because the first one has roman numerals and as you may recall, Liam is the IV generation. And the second one I love because I heart hedgehogs. Shout out to my boy Lionel.

It’s great to be back to my sewing machine, even though the moments are short, I’ll take what I can get. Until next time! Priscilla


4 thoughts on “DIY Baby Leggings

  1. I made a pair of these once but I cloth diaper so they didn’t fit just right. Checking out that last link now! Super cute!! I sew while wearing my daughter lol otherwise I’d never be able to


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