my summer mom-iform

IMG_2137I can’t believe I am using the word “momiform” but it seemed like something a blogger would say so here you have it. This summer I have truly been rocking the same “uniform” every weekend. Because, you see, becoming a mom completely changes your wardrobe. And not in that I’ve-got-to-lose-those-last-five-pounds baby weight kind of way. But the days of standing up, walking tall, and sucking in your gut when needed have totally shifted. And therefore so have your clothing options.  For example.  1- I bend down and pick up this baby 125 times a day and nobody wants to be seeing what’s hanging out my backside. Or my front side, for that matter.  2- making sure my shirt will match the baby carrier I will be wearing today.  Not as important but still something to consider. And 3- the most important factor, can I breast-feed discreetly in this outfit or am I going to have to leave to go to another room and sling this dress over my head? Yeah not worth it.  So my days of sundresses in the summer all day, every day,  are gone. And I’m totally ok with that. I think those days were starting to wind down for me anyways, baby or no baby.  But instead my outfits now consist of jean shorts, sandals, and my favorite flowiest tank top ever.IMG_2090I originally bought a brown version of this tank top from Show Me Your Mumu and I was obsessed with it. I wanted one in each color but of course they are all sold out of the solid colors and I wasn’t too crazy about the print choices. So I decided to make a few DIY versions, using the Mumu top as my inspiration. So far I have made a black one and pink one, but I have two more cut out on my sewing table to be sewn anytime Liam feels the desire to sleep for more than two hours in a row. Any day now, Liam. You just let me know, buddy.
IMG_2135IMG_2093 The black fabric is actually left over rayon lining fabric I had for another project. And the pink fabric is a tencel from Nicole Miller I bought at Joann’.  It has the most amazing drape! And using my 40% off coupon, it ended up being less than $6 a yard. So I basically was able to make two tank tops in under $15. Not too shabby. IMG_2126Liam enjoying his first ride on a boat!IMG_2148 IMG_2101I can’t wait to share with you the next tank top I have cut up and ready to go. This one will feature some gorgeous Art Gallery voile fabric that I am excited about. Plus I will share how I do my spaghetti straps and trim using bias taping. So stay tuned for that!

2 thoughts on “my summer mom-iform

  1. I love these silky tops, they look great on and feel amazing. My last one fell apart so seeing this has made me want another. Very cute little fella too


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