my bad ass, baby making, postpartum body

img_3172Some days I’m so unaware of my appearance. I’m so engrossed in Liam’s needs. Does this baby have his socks and hat on? Did he eat enough yogurt for breakfast? Did I pack enough diapers in the diaper bag? As for me, I’ll just throw on a baggy sweater and a pair of yoga pants and maybe if there’s time at a traffic light I’ll swipe on some mascara. But then there are days like yesterday when the bag boy at Harris Teeter insisted on walking me out to my car because “it’s our policy to help all pregnant ladies out to their car.” Yep…. definitely not pregnant. And then last weekend when I got so frustrated because I couldn’t find anything in my closet to wear to Will’s work party. And then Liam screams in the car seat for 30 minutes during the drive home from said party.

So I decided in that moment that I was sucking at this post-partum life of mine and I had a little cry sesh in the back seat. I eventually took a deep breath and started singing Michael Jackson’s “Smile” while stroking Liam’s hair until finally he stopped crying. And as I looked down upon his sweet sleeping face I remembered what really is important. So yes I had to wear high waisted, stretch leggings under my dress to the party. And yes, almost 10 months later, I still have a little extra weight in my midsection. But you know what? Just ten months ago this body pushed out a very large baby and this body has been breastfeeding a growing child. My body is sustaining a life. Like for real, like a honeybee makes honey, I am making a product. And it is feeding a child and keeping him alive.  How freaking crazy is that?! (#science) Sooo I guess, I can deal with clothes not fitting by body because holy moly my body can do such crazy things. It’s pretty amazing what a woman’s body can do. And I’ll never forget how blessed I am to of had the opportunity to be pregnant, deliver a healthy baby, and then breastfeed for as long as I have. Something that I thought I may never be able to do. So the next time you see a new mom out there rocking her postpartum body, don’t comment on how she looks or how much weight she’s lost or hasn’t lost. Instead congratulate her on being a bad ass, baby making, milk producing rockstar. Because we women are amazing and let’s never forget it!
img_3148And yes we are still obsessed with the yellow maraca. 🙂

5 thoughts on “my bad ass, baby making, postpartum body

  1. Your post brings back memories of how I felt when I had my kids (my baby is 18). You have the right perspective, and most mothers have felt the same way or been mistaken as still pregnant when they’re not. It’s all ok. Totally worth it.


  2. I’m afraid to tell you that 10 years after my last baby, my mid-section isn’t much better 😉 Your body does change, and it’s part of life. To have the experience of bringing a baby into the world and sustaining him or her is a huge blessing!


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