Buy or DIY: sweet baby dolls for sweet baby cousins

img_5254img_5229img_5241img_5258img_5269img_5264One of my favorite moment of this year’s Christmas was seeing Liam and his 15 month old cousin Zoe really getting to know each other. We taught them how to “give a hug” and it was probably the best thing I have ever seen. So naturally I had to take a few photos of the two of them with their handmade dolls made by momma/aunt Cilla. The fabric used to make the dolls is from See Kate Sew’s doll fabric line for Riley Blake fabrics. I also made a the little gathered tulle skirt to match the doll’s bow. This was a quick easy project, with the majority of the time spent stuffing the doll with cotton stuffing and poking it into all the skinny arms and legs. For Liam’s doll I didn’t use nearly as much stuffing as I did for Zoe’s and you can tell a difference. So tip #1: buy extra stuffing! Tip #2: sew a second line of stitching next to your first row. I did a double line of stitching for Zoe’s doll so it should hold up for many years, even through her big brothers tugging and pulling on it. For those of you who don’t sew and would rather buy a dollie for the kiddos in your life, check out Candy Kirby Designs and Fink Toys (made here in Charleston!) I love this quick handmade gift that would be great as a first birthday present or baby shower gift for a new mom-to-be. I’m also interested in trying out this pattern next. Any other fun doll/stuffed animals patterns out there? Let me know! img_5245xx Priscilla

One thought on “Buy or DIY: sweet baby dolls for sweet baby cousins

  1. Such cuties! And those dolls are great for toddlers, so soft and huggable and drag-around-behind-em-able! I just found your blog and am very impressed with all the beautiful clothes you’ve made, and you look so pretty in all of them! I’m also jealous that you live in Charlestown, one town I’ve always wanted to see since reading “Gone With The Wind” in junior high and reading about the snooty cousins who lived in Charlestown! Ha, well, also reading about it and seeing photos online of its beautiful homes and gardens. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!


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