a DIY boyfriend/husband t-shirt refashion

img_6973So I don’t know when athleisure began to hit the streets, but I am truly loving it. My only hope is that we, as a generation, can modify this fashion trend to be even more relaxed. I’m thinking lazy-leisure. You know, like when you want to go to Walmart in your pajamas but you don’t WANT to go to Walmart in your pajamas. Or for when you want to “Netflix and Chill” but you have been married for five years, so you actually just want to watch Netflix and chill. Do you feel me? When I was pregnant, I basically lived in my husband’s t-shirts and that didn’t really stop after the baby came. And as much as I’m sure he loves coming home to find his wife in one of his old stained tees and a pair of sweat pants [insert sarcasm], I can’t help it. It just happens. Sorry Will. This is what you get to come home to:img_5474But I decided to change it up a bit. I have had the Lane Raglan pattern in my mind for some time now, and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to spice up an old t-shirt. I used Will’s white shirt for the bodice and then some black jersey knit for the sleeves. Solid color knits are my go-to fabrics so I keep some in my stash at all times. So this was an easy evening project that took me roughly 2.5 episodes of Gilmore Girls to complete and cost next to nothing!picmonkey-imageimg_5417This pattern may look intimidating at first if you are new to sewing, but its only because there are so many options and ways to customize the pattern. But if you do a simple long sleeve raglan without the hood or pocket, you only have 5 pieces to cut out (front bodice, back bodice, neck band, and two sleeves). A men’s size XL tee was just enough fabric for me to cut out a front and back piece and then I used less than a yard for the black knit for the sleeves and neck band. img_5419I’m sure we could all find one or two baggy tees in our closets that could use this same refashion. Or if you have a short sleeve tee that you think would suit you better as a long sleeve. Or if you think hacking up your ex-husbands/boyfriend’s shirts would be therapeutic for you, then this could also be a good outlet for you. (Been there, done that). img_5424So now I feel good about leaving the house in an old tee shirt. I wore it already twice this weekend. Here we are out for a walk through the marsh. We discovered a new county park (Caw Caw, for you locals) and fell in love with Charleston all over again.
until next time, Priscillaimg_5456

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