The best lobster rolls in Maine

Luckily for me, I have husband who likes to indulge me and in June he decided to take the family on a trip to Maine. Wildflowers for as far as you can see, hiking for miles up cliffs, boat tours to see puffins and seals, and lobster rolls for days and days. Check out my full itinerary post on Maine: here. But I also wanted to highlight the culinary joy that is Maine lobsters. Here is a quick review of the lobster rolls we ate along the way in ranking order. Enjoy!

6. C Ray’s – Bar Harbor – off Route 3:
This spot has good customer service and it was fun to watch the cooks working out back. There are plenty of picnic tables out front but not a view, just off a side road. The rolls are tasty rolls but were just not our favorite. We both thought it could use some extra flavor. Comes with chips and a pickle for around $17.

5. Red’s Eats – Wiscasset – off Route 1:
This would be rated last for me but Will ranked it one spot higher because he liked that it had an abundance of lobster meat piled on (to the point that you couldn’t even see the bread! See the photo above: the second row on the left) It’s prepared simply with melted butter with no frills or extra ingredients. The wait for this place was soooooo long. Customer service was pretty lousy too. Not worth the wait, trouble finding parking, and crotchety rude lady who takes your order. Especially when there are better rolls right up the road. Does not come with any sides and is around $18.

4. Bagaduce’s Lunch – Brooksville (Penobscot area):
This was off the beaten path but not too far of a detour from Route 1. Nice views of the Bagaduce river with just a handful of picnic tables. Not sure if it was the fact that it was a week day or because its not directly off the hwy, but we were the only one there, So we got our food really quick and had the place to ourselves! Served on a basic, untoasted long hot dog style roll but the lobster meat had great flavor. Could of had more lobster on the roll for the price that we paid but otherwise we felt this was worth the detour through fields of wildflowers for this little gem. Served with chips for around $19

3. McGaughlin’s – Lincolnville – Route 1:
This roll was a bit more pricey at $21 but came with fries and coleslaw. It’s mayo based and has a great flavor! This one had the meat from the lobster legs also in the roll which was different but I didn’t mind it. Served on a simple hot dog style bun. Picnic tables with a good view. On the route (just a short 5 minute drive) to Camden. So we took it to go and enjoyed our roll at the nearby State Park.

2. Bite into ME – Fort Williams Park in Portland:
This place is awesome! Actually a food truck but it takes permanent residence at Fort Williams Park, which is home to Portland Head Lighthouse. So you can eat your roll and do some sightseeing at the same time. They prepare their lobster rolls 5 different ways which per their signage included the original Maine style (mayo and chives), Connecticut style (butter), curry style, and even a wasabi style. Served on a lightly buttered and toasted roll, which was the only place we ate at that put some time into the bun too and made the roll extra tasty! One roll is $18 and does not come with any sides.

1. Young’s Lobster Pound – Belfast – on Route 1:
Voted favorite by both of us. Perfect flavoring with a nice heaping portion of lobster. Served with lettuce on a sesame seed hamburger style bun (the only roll we had served like this). The spot is really nice, on the water and you can watch the lobster boats come in and unload/sort the live lobster! Comes with chips and a pickle for around $18. The staff was friendly and tons of outdoor/indoor seating.

Can’t wait to go back and try some more spots. Anyone else have any good spots in coastal Maine to find a lobster roll??

| Song: Grizzly Bear by Angus & Julia Stone |

| Locations: Portland ME, Bar Harbor ME, Acadia National Park, Rockland ME, Young’s Lobster Pound in Belfast MD, Camden ME, Pemaquid Point ME, Boothbay Harbor ME  |

xx Priscilla


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