Baby’s first college Football Game

When I think about my many past college football tailgates, I have such fond memories of dancing on the tailgate of a truck with my girlfriends singing Nelly at the top of our lungs, eating one too many orange jello shots, and preparing for endless games of flip cup. But that was many moons ago. Before the days of iPhones, hashtags, husbands, and babies. Those were the good ole days. These days I swap out Solo cups for sippy cups and jello shots with goldfish crackers. But as we carried Liam on our shoulders to tailgate his first Clemson game last Saturday, I watched as he smiled at all the sights and sounds, and I realized that maybe THESE days, that I am living right now, are the good ole days.

Meeting up with an old roommate and great friend, who reminded me that it has been 13 years since we lived together!!! To combat feeling old, I wore the same hat that I saw at least ten young boys wearing. My nursing bra might scream old mom, but my head was young AF.

Fun fact: my husband Will and I are both Clemson graduates and were in school from around 2000-2004 but we did not meet until way after college in 2010. This campus holds so many wonderful memories for both of us . Walking around the campus and reminiscing, while Liam took his nap strapped in the carrier on my chest, was probably my favorite part of the day. Liam’s favorite part of the day included seeing an orange fire truck, eating endless amounts of tailgate food, watching the balloons launch while the team ran down the hill, and giving a high-five to the Tiger mascot (which happened by chance! So I do not have this on video).I have a list to things I want to do with Liam before he becomes a “big kid” and attending a college football game was never on that list. I had always figured he would be much older before that idea ever crossed our minds. But life found us in Greenville for the weekend and friends had two extra tickets to the game. Everything in life is way busier and way more chaotic when you add a toddler to the mix. But we made it work, like we always do. And it was fun to walk around campus with my little tribe of three who was nothing more than a glimmer in my eyes when I lived here during college. I hope YouTube is still around in thirty years from now so we can watch this video of the good ole days. 🙂

Song: Jesse Rice – Good Day To Be a Clemson Tiger

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